Avoiding food waste, recycling and cycling in support of the climate

Once again, a great many members of the University were out in force in September, taking part in a wide range of hands-on activities to promote sustainability.

Diversity Days Enjoy Successful Second Coming

The Diversity Days were held for the second time at the University of Bonn to mark German Diversity Day, promoting a sense of togetherness that champions respect, inclusivity and equal opportunity.

“Science That Anyone Can Join in with”

The first-ever Science Festival at the University of Bonn was held on the Hofgartenwiese on July 9. Guests big and small had been invited to learn more about the University’s activities and research areas at numerous stalls.

Open House on the Klein-Altendorf Sustainability Campus

How are researchers at the University of Bonn exploring the idea of sustainable agriculture? What exactly goes on at the University’s Klein-Altendorf research site? And who even are the researchers? Around 1,400 guests found all this and more out for themselves on their visit to the open house.

Sustainability in Practice: Mowing Lawns with Scythes

For the first time, students and staff were given the opportunity to take part in a scythe course organized by the Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES) at the University’s very own Wiesengut research farm on the Siegaue, where they successfully mastered use of the implement.

Get Help With Bike Problems

Stop by, fix your bike, set off again: to promote the use of bikes among University members and the general public, the University of Bonn is installing a bike repair station on each of its campuses in the city, Poppelsdorf and Endenich. They are being financed from the University’s “funding pot” for sustainability.

Going Green on the Poppelsdorf Campus

The new multifunctional laboratory building, the next step in the development of the Poppelsdorf Campus, will be both sustainable and energy-efficient.

“Excellence, Re-imagined Sustainably — An Interview with Vice Rector for Sustainability Annette Scheersoi”

Vice Rector Dr. Annette Scheersoi speaks out in the latest edition of Titanum-Blatt about the various sustainability measures underway at the University of Bonn.


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