Global Exchange Program

Courses and Semester Calendar

Global Exchange Program participants can select from a variety of courses in Bonn. Depending on their interests, they can opt to study abroad for either one or two semesters.


As part of the Global Exchange Program, students can choose from a wide range of courses offered at the University of Bonn.

University Courses

The University offers over 200 degree programs, broken down into a wide spectrum of individual courses. The courses offered by our seven faculties cover the fields of humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences.

The language of instruction is German, although some faculties also offer courses in English. All courses can be found on BASIS, the online course catalog for the University of Bonn. BASIS contains course overviews and contact data for the instructors, faculties and other university institutions. From there you can also search for courses in various languages.

To register for university courses, you must be enrolled and possess a Uni-ID and student ID number to log in to BASIS. If this is not the case by the start of the semester, then please contact the instructor (in person during office hours or by email) to register.

Courses for International Students

German Courses

The International Office offers various levels of German language instruction for international students. Global Exchange Program students can take an ‘everyday German course’ (A1.1 to B2.2 level) and up to 3 special topic courses during the semester.

The English-tought “International Classroom Bonn” course series

We also offer an English tought course series entitled “International Classroom Bonn”. The series is designed to offer international bachelor’s students more courses held in English, providing substantiated insights into the structures in your host country Germany. Topics of discussion will not only be the political structures in Europe and Germany but also its societies, cultures, economies and legal systems.

Orientation Weeks and Welcome Days

We offer three-week orientation weeks at the beginning of semester (March/ September). The three weeks include an Intensive German Course Before Starting and a diverse cultural program to improve your knowledge of German and familiarity with Bonn.

You can register for the orientation weeks when you apply for the program.

Before the semester begins, a variety of events during the Welcome Days can help you adjust to your new surroundings. There you will receive a wide range of information about the culture of studying in Germany, how to register for courses and how to use important digital university services.

Recommended workload and ECTS credit points

Exchange students are recommended to take courses with a maximum total workload of 30 ECTS credit points per semester (i.e. 18 course units per week). This corresponds to the average workload that degree-seeking students at the University of Bonn complete per semester. Make sure to plan your course schedule realistically and allow for some time to become familiar with the University and get settled in Germany.

Note that 30 ECTS credits per semester are just a guideline. Please ask your home university in good time how many credit points you need to acquire during your stay.


Once the semester is finished, all program students receive an official transcript issued by the International Office. The original of this transcript is sent via post to the home university. Students receive a scan of the transcript via email.

The certificate contains the following information about all courses:

  • Professor/ Lecturer
  • Title of course
  • Number of hours of teaching
  • Grade
  • Recommended ECTS credit points

The course title is always shown in the original language; however, an unofficial English translation is added where necessary. The rest of the certificate will be issued in English — no translations into other languages are possible.

We recommend that students clarify all questions about grades, credit points and recognition of successfully completed courses with their home university well in advance. Recognition and awarding of credit points and grades is reserved for the home universities.

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a standardized system for comparing learning accomplishments and hours of work for students in the European Union. ECTS credit points are only assigned once the course is completed, all requirements have been satisfied and the examination has been passed.

At the University of Bonn, students receive 60 ECTS credit points per academic year. That corresponds to roughly 1,800 hours, meaning one ECTS credit points is equivalent to 30 hours (including hours of instruction, preparation and follow-up work, group work and examination preparations). ECTS credit points are awarded for each course (such as lecture, seminar) and successful achievement (such as examination, presentation, term paper).

Semester Calendar

The academic year at the University of Bonn is split into a summer semester and a winter semester. The winter semester officially begins on October 01 and ends on March 31, while the summer semester runs from April 01 until September 30. The lecture period runs from early/ mid-October until early February (winter semester) and from mid-April to mid/ late-July (summer semester). The semester break — known officially as the “vorlesungsfreie Zeit” (period without lectures) — is used to compose term papers and presentations, to prepare for examinations and to take part in internships.

Key dates for summer semester 2024

If you have secured a room in a dormitory, please note that you may move into the dormitory only during the working hours of Faculty Services. Please contact Faculty Services directly if you need to request an exception to this rule.

Please check the program of the Welcome Days. The offerings include a variety of information and social events.

Please find check all Key Semester Dates.


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