Certificate Program for Further Training
Professional Teaching Competence for the University

University Teaching Qualification

Are you a beginning teacher looking for guidance in designing your first course? Do you already have some teaching experience and are interested in the learning process and new teaching methods? Are you an experienced teacher who wants to gain more in-depth knowledge by exchanging information with other teachers and experts?

Teachers at all qualification and experience levels can further develop their teaching skills at the Bonn Center for Higher Education. By attending workshops, self-study courses, individual counseling, self-reflection and sitting in on colleagues’ courses you will receive suggestions, guidance and methods to use in designing your own courses, along with opportunities to exchange information with other teachers. The “Professional Teaching Competence for the University” program gives you sound teacher training and helps you further improve your own courses and personal teaching skills. Upon completing the program, you receive a certificate recognized throughout German for satisfying the quality standards of the German Association for Educational and Academic Staff in Higher Education (DGFD).

The “Professional Teaching Competence for the University” certificate consists of three modules and can optionally be earned with a specialization in digitalization:

  • The basic module provides basic university teacher teaching.
  • The specialization module provides an opportunity to specialize based on personal interests and needs. This module can be used for specializing in digital teaching.
  • The advanced module rounds off the certificate with a personal teaching/learning project.

All of the university teaching courses may also be taken individually, without registering in the certificate program. Individual workshops can also be applied towards the “Postdoc Plus” certificate offered by the Bonn Graduate Center.

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