Anti-Discrimination at the University of Bonn

Staff, students and non-members of the University who experience discrimination on the grounds of their ethnicity, race, gender, religion, beliefs, disability, age or sexual identity can contact the Anti-Discrimination Office (which also serves as the complaints desk in accordance with the General Equality Act, or AGG) to obtain information, advice and an advocate for their interests.

by mail

Please address letters to the Anti-Discrimination Office (AGG complaints desk) as follows:

Universität Bonn

Dezernat 1- Verwaltungsstelle Diskriminierungsschutz

Regina-Pacis-Weg 3

53113 Bonn


You are advised to put “Vertraulich” (“Confidential”) on your envelope.

by e-mail

You can email the Anti-Discrimination Office at

Note that, if you share details or indications in an unencrypted email, it cannot be ruled out that they will not be seen by unauthorized third parties. Unencrypted email traffic is thus less of a guarantee of confidentiality than a letter sent in a sealed envelope.


Simone Abresch

+49 228 73-7569

+49 228 73-7075

Anti-Discrimination Officer

Susanne Rettinger

+49 228 73-3679

+49 228 73-7075

Deputy Anti-Discrimination Officer
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