Taking out a loan is one way of funding your ongoing studies or their final stages. Your options include the federal government’s Education Loan scheme as well as the student loans provided by various banks (KfW, Deutsche Bank, DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG, etc.).

KfW Student Loan

What makes a student loan unique is the fact that, unlike a standard loan, it is paid out in monthly installments rather than a large sum all in one go. One highly popular choice is the KfW Student Loan. It is granted regardless of income and can be combined with BAföG or an Education Loan. The monthly payment ranges between EUR 100 and EUR 650 and can be adjusted each semester.

Studierendenwerk Bonn can give you personalized advice on a KfW Student Loan, verify your identity as required by law and arrange the loan with KfW on your behalf. 

Daka loans

The loan fund of the Studierendenwerke in North Rhine-Westphalia (Darlehenskasse, Daka) is a non-profit association comprising the state’s 12 Studierendenwerke. Daka offers an interest-free student loan that can be applied for at any stage during studies. It is mainly designed for students who are struggling financially.

Students can apply for a loan from Daka via Studierendenwerk Bonn. The amount and term of the loan will depend on a person’s individual needs. No interest is charged on Daka loans, only a one-off handling fee of 5 percent of the loan amount to cover administrative costs.

Education Loans

The Education Loan is a low-interest loan provided by the federal government to students at an advanced or the final stage of their first or a subsequent degree. Regardless of their income and assets, it is paid out in EUR 100, EUR 200 or EUR 300 installments over a term of up to 24 months and can be combined with BAföG. Applications for Education Loans must be submitted in writing to the Federal Office of Administration directly.

CHE Student Loan Test

The CHE Student Loan Test provides tangible support in the form of information prepared in a structured way. Of course, the difficult decision on which loan is the right one (or whether a loan is even a good idea) is not something that can be made for you. By comparing many different pieces of detailed information, however, the CHE Student Loan Test allows you to make an up-to-date assessment of the market situation in light of your own personal requirements. It therefore provides interested current and prospective students in particular with a comparison tool and aid to decision-making as well as rendering the student loan market transparent for anyone who is interested.

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