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Division 4 - Facility Management

Facility Management is involved in the administration's strategic objective "Creating the best-possible environment for research and teaching on an institutional level and supporting focus areas." This means ensuring operations and, with regard to construction and technology, providing reliable facilities for conducting top-level research, raising third party funding, attracting renowned researchers, enforcing necessary safety standards and ensuring that workplaces meet occupational safety requirements. 


Management and organization of Infrastructure and Facility Services, which has 5 sections and around 260 employees.
The organizational chart of Division 4 - Facility Management is available here.

Marion Duisberg


+49 228 73-4000

Sabine Ludolph

Deputy Director

+49 228 73-8146

Angelika Bendick

Director's Office

+49 228 73-8146

Section 4.1 - Infrastructure and Facility Services

Emergency Number (available around the clock): +49 228/73-5541

Service and expert knowledge

Ansgar Leitzke

Head of Section

+49 228 73 - 5708

Willi Boltersdorf

Deputy Head of Section

+49 228 73-7686

Petra Lemmen


+49 228 73-7500

Section 4.3  - Technical Services

Securing technical operations in approx. 350 University facilities

Ferdinand Frechen

Head of Section

+49 228 73-5027

Vili Mikic

Deputy Head of Section

+49 228 73-6736

Sabine Oesterheld


+49 228 73-5566

Section 4.5 - Construction

Represents the University in BLB construction projects and acts as an interface to BLB NRW, the City of Bonn and ministries.
Also coordinates user requirements and carries out University and BLB construction projects. 

Dr. Günter Jansen

Head of Section

+49 228 73-54097

Claus Pfister

Deputy Head of Section

+49 228 73- 2108

André Bläßer


+49 228 73-54096

Isabell Bläßer


+49 228 73-4764

Section 4.6 - Commercial Property Management

 Commercial Property Management has the following key responsibilities:

  • Central Contact for CAFM (problems, user requests, etc.)
  • Rental
  • Administrative telephony
  • Contract management and central chemical supply (ZVE)
  • Facility management finances 

Stefan Müller

Head of Section

+49 228 73- 7727

Günther Schmitz

Deputy Head of Section

+49 228 73-2848

Meike Freud-Raber


+49 228 73-5586

Section 4.7 - Land Development

Land Development has the following key responsibilities: 

  • Room- and spacemanagement
  • Placement and reallocation of University bodies
  • University location development plan (HSEP)
  • General strategic planning for University space and buildings

Dabei liegt die Fragestellung zugrunde: Welche Universitätseinrichtung kann, will, soll sich wie, wo und in welchem Umfang räumlich / baulich entwickeln und wie wird das gesteuert.

Jasmin Thiel

Head of Section

+49 228 73-54095

Philipp Schamoni

Deputy Head of Section

+49 228 73-9468

Sabine Herz


+49 228 73-6734

Services provided by Facility Management

We provide property management services for the University of Bonn.
Information and forms for the services are available here for contractors and visitors: 

Information for contractors

Information for service providers and suppliers for University Infrastructure and Facility Services

University parking

Managed and barrier-free University parking areas in the City of Bonn

Waste management and
hazardous materials

Waste and hazardous materials disposal for the University administration, institutes, UKB and other organizational units

Printing and mail room

Official printing of University administration, institutes and other organizational units

Construction & Fire Protection

All information on this topic is available here

Important Downloads

A link to the ordering for print business cards is available here along with a link to the ordering tool "CAFM/Conject" that is used to report problems and order trade contractor services. A video for contractors is also available. 

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