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For a Future Worth Living - Sustainability at the University of Bonn

As a university with Excellence status, the University of Bonn is doing its bit for sustainable transformation processes.

With a dedicated Vice Rectorate, a Sustainability Unit and a Green Office, the issue of sustainability is firmly embedded in University management and plays an important role in all areas of its life—research, teaching and operations.

BOOST—the University’s very own sustainability program

Participation, networking and student involvement are key to implementing the Bonn Program for Sustainable Transformation (BOOST).
Its core aims and fields of activity are set out in its “Working Together for Sustainability” mission statement, which was devised in a participatory process.
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Listen in now: new “Climate Change” series of the Hypothese (“Hypothesis”) podcast. Plus Ferdinand Frechen (Head of Technical Services) talking about “Saving energy at the University of Bonn.”  

Quarterly Campaign Months

To promote a culture of sustainability, the University of Bonn organizes campaign months once every quarter. All members of the university are invited to participate in the diverse offers around the topics of sustainability.

Logo of Fairer Februar
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Logo of Mighty May
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Logo of Sustainable September
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Logo of Nachhaltiger November
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Close-up of ears of wheat in a field.
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Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in research. Whether it involves construction materials, fuels, sustainability in horticulture or sustainability in development policy, our researchers are working on projects with a wide range of solution-oriented and interdisciplinary approaches.

A Vietnamese farmer standing in a stream in front of a red mountain range with a carrying pole over her shoulders from which two baskets are suspended filled with leaves. This is a symbol.
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Issues connected with sustainability and sustainability research also play a key role in teaching. As well as covering sustainability issues through its content, this teaching also educates people in sustainable development through its methodology in formats with a practical, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary focus.

Ein kleines Haus wird von einem Mann auf einer Leiter mit einer Art Schilf gedeckt. Es handelt sich um ein Experimentalhaus von Studierenden des Campus Klein-Altendorf.
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Our University needs resources in order to operate. Our commitment to sustainability, particularly in terms of our energy supply, building work, waste management, mobility and procurement, helps minimize the negative impact on the environment.

More information is currently being put together and will be published soon.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
Christmas trees for a good cause

Once again in 2022, the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bonn gave away a great many pine and spruce trees in various sizes for people to deck out their festive living rooms.

Pedaling for the climate

Staff and students getting involved to promote eco-friendly mobility and climate action.

Climate education: University of Bonn students re-envisioning what “university” means

Fridays for Future has brought the issue of climate change onto our streets—but what would a university education look like that gave students the interdisciplinary skills they needed to help fight climate change? A group of students at the University of Bonn have worked together to come up with some recommendations, which they have now published as part of the “Climate Change—Learning for Future” project. This was run by the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn in partnership with the University of Bonn and funded by the Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfalen, an environmental and development foundation for North Rhine-Westphalia.

Promoting Fair Trade at the University

Fairtrade soccer balls for University Sports, fairtrade coffee and bananas in the cafeteria ... and close cooperation in committees. Luise Tegeler, Judith Meder and other students campaigned for greater fairtrade awareness at the University of Bonn for two years. Now as the two are finishing their master’s degrees, they are passing the torch. on to a next ‘generation’.

Electrified: 100 % green electricity

Since November 1, 2019, the electrical sockets in the University of Bonn issue only electricity generated from ecological or renewable energy sources, thereby effecting a considerable reduction in the carbon footprint of the University.

Award: The University of Bonn is a “Fair Trade University”

2020 saw the University of Bonn advance to the status of a “Fair Trade University”.

The Green Office at the University of Bonn 

The University of Bonn opened the Green Office in October 2021 as a central point of contact for the topic of sustainability, supporting the commitment of all university members in this area. 

GO Logo.jpg
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Wanted: Sustainable ideas

We are seeking ideas to increase sustainability. All University members are encouraged to engage in this process by submitting their ideas via e-mail.

A special budget will fund projects designed for example, to achieve sustainable reductions in energy, material and water consumption and reduce the volume of wastewater, exhaust air and waste generated by University operations. Funding will also be granted to proposals designed to protect the environment and which seek to influence the behavior of University members (e.g. awareness raising and information campaigns). Update! We are pleased to announce that applications from the University Hospital Bonn will also be accepted, effective immediately.

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First Sustainability Day at the University of Bonn

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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