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The sustainable transformation of economy and society is the key issue of the coming decades. Through our commitment as a university in research, teaching and operations, we make an important contribution to this and lay the foundations for change.

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The University of Bonn has been a certified Fairtrade University since 2020 — learn all about our commitment to fair trade and how it’s put into practice.

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News in the field of sustainability

Sustainability Day 2024

Vice Rector for Sustainability Annette Scheersoi visits STACEES  

Green Screen in September

Quarterly Campaign Months

To promote a culture of sustainability, the University of Bonn organizes campaign months once every quarter. All members of the university are invited to participate in the diverse offers around the topics of sustainability.

Logo of Fairer Februar
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Logo of Mighty May
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Logo of Nachhaltiger November
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Sustainability in research

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Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in research. Whether it involves construction materials, fuels, sustainability in horticulture or sustainability in development policy, our researchers are working on projects with a wide range of solution-oriented and interdisciplinary approaches.

Sustainability in teaching

A Vietnamese farmer standing in a stream in front of a red mountain range with a carrying pole over her shoulders from which two baskets are suspended filled with leaves. This is a symbol.
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Issues connected with sustainability and sustainability research also play a key role in teaching. As well as covering sustainability issues through its content, this teaching also educates people in sustainable development through its methodology in formats with a practical, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary focus.

Sustainability in operations

Ein kleines Haus wird von einem Mann auf einer Leiter mit einer Art Schilf gedeckt. Es handelt sich um ein Experimentalhaus von Studierenden des Campus Klein-Altendorf.
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Our University needs resources in order to operate. Our commitment to sustainability, particularly in terms of our energy supply, building work, waste management, mobility and procurement, helps minimize the negative impact on the environment.

More information is currently being put together and will be published soon.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
Workshop on designing bug hotels to mark World Bee Day 2024

During the Mighty May campaign month, 20 keen bee lovers took part in a workshop on designing bug hotels for wild bees and made numerous new nesting sites out of empty jam jars and reeds to put in their own gardens. The informative and fun event was led by Assistant Professor Antonia Mayr, who is researching the effects of climate change and land usage on wild bees at the Bonn Institute for Organismic Biology.

Prizes awarded for Green Travel as part of the Erasmus+ program

Hosted on May 15, the Green Travel awards ceremony honored Erasmus+ students who traveled to and from their destination using sustainable forms of transport.


University of Bonn Cycles for the Climate

The University of Bonn came top in this year’s “Best Team” category, clocking up a total of 58,512 kilometers.

Recap "Nachhaltiger November"

Nachhaltiger November, the fourth and final campaign month of 2023, once again saw many members of the University having a go at the various activities and chatting about sustainability.

BOOST—the University’s very own sustainability program

Participation, networking and student involvement are key to implementing the Bonn Program for Sustainable Transformation (BOOST).
Its core aims and fields of activity are set out in its “Working Together for Sustainability” mission statement, which was devised in a participatory process.
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A unique governance structure

As a university with Excellence status, the University of Bonn is doing its bit for sustainable transformation processes.

Networks and Certificates

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