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Applicants from non-EU/EEC countries

If you are from a non-EU/EEA country and would like to pursue an undergraduate degree program (bachelor’s degree | State Examination | Church Degree) at the University of Bonn, you will need to meet a few formal requirements, which are explained in more detail below. You will therefore need to read this information carefully before submitting an application so as not to affect your chances of getting a place.

Three steps to the right application


Pick a degree program

Once you have chosen an undergraduate degree program (bachelor’s degree | State Examination | Church Degree), please read the information on the requisite German language proficiency and the preparatory course for the DSH first of all. Please note the exceptions we apply to German-French and German-Italian Studies (see below)!


Complete the application form

Fill in the online application form.
Once you have completed and submitted the online application form, a PDF file will be generated and automatically sent to the email address that you have entered. Your letter of admission, containing the decision on your admission, will also be sent exclusively to this email address at a later stage.


Print the form, sign it and put it in the post

Print the application form and sign it.

Then send the printed and signed form here once the application procedure has started, enclosing the necessary documents. You will find the mailing address at the end of this page below section `Enrollment´.

Documents to enclose

The documents to be enclosed must be submitted as certified copies, accompanied by a translation where applicable. The type of certification required is listed at the end of each bullet point and must always be provided!

  • Copy of your passport [simple copy]
  • Curriculum vitae in table form, complete up to your application date 
  • If relevant, proof of your recognized refugee/asylum status [simple copy]
  • Evidence of your German language proficiency [simple copy]
  • University entrance qualification: You can find information on the equivalence of foreign qualifications on the website of the Central Office for Foreign Education (www.anabin.kmk.org)
    • Secondary-school graduation certificate, including overview of grades and transcript [certified by an embassy]
    • If applicable, proof that you passed your university entrance examination in your home country for the degree program you are applying for, including an overview of subjects studied and grades obtained [certified by an embassy]
    • If applicable, proof of successful studies, i.e. an overview of subjects studied and grades obtained in each individual semester in your home country [certified by an embassy]
    • If applicable, proof that you passed your aptitude test and evidence of your educational background, including translations [officially certified copies]
    • If applicable, your university degree [certified by an embassy]


Your original accreditation from your Academic Evaluation Center (APS) or your APS certificate together with copies of your original qualifications (secondary-school graduation certificate and certificate of enrollment) from China, bearing the red circular seal and the embossed circular seal of the institution you attended, or copies of your original qualifications bearing the red circular seal together with a notarization bearing the red circular seal and the embossed circular seal of the notary’s office.


Evidence of educational background must be submitted together with an apostille.


Proof that you passed the university entrance examination/code card must be submitted in the form of an official certificate of results (bearing a seal and signature) from the examination authority that issued it.


The University of Bonn’s code for submitting AP examinations is: 9149


The original certificate from the Academic Evaluation Center (APS) must be submitted together with your qualification documents.

Einfache Kopie

Simple copies
Do not require additional certification. You can prepare these yourself.

Official certification
In Germany, copies can be officially certified at any local or town council office, among other places.

Certification by an embassy
Copies of foreign documents and qualifications must be certified by the German embassy or consulate in your home country or by your home country’s embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus/COVID-19, we will also accept the following forms of certification for applications for winter semester 2021/22:

  • By a notary
  • By the education or foreign ministry in your home country

Certifications not issued in German, English or French will need to be translated.

Qualifications and other documents (including all stamps, seals and annotations on them) that were not issued in German, English or French will need to be translated by a certified translator or interpreter. 

Important note

The online application form is activated at the beginning of the application procedure. The process starts at the beginning of Dezember for the summer semester and the beginning of June for the winter semester.

Start your application

Please note: Your application can only be considered if the printed and signed form together with all necessary documents has been received at the University of Bonn by July 31 (winter semester) or January 15 (summer semester). These deadlines are to be understood as cut-off periods (i.e. applications and documents received after the relevant date cannot be considered).

Good to know

You can only submit one application per semester. If you send in multiple applications, only the one submitted most recently will be considered.


The following degree programs have specific selection procedures. Please contact the degree program coordinators directly for more information:

What happens next after applying?

Once you have put your application in the post, you need to wait for your admission to be confirmed. Read on to find out what happens next.

Letters of admission and rejection

  1. Letters of admission and rejection are sent out by email in late August (winter semester) and early February (summer semester). Please refrain from inquiring about the status of your application any earlier.
  2. If it is subsequently possible to allocate you a place as part of a wait-list procedure, you will receive a letter of admission without delay. If you have not received a letter of admission by mid-October (winter semester) or mid-April (summer semester), you can assume that we are unfortunately unable to offer you a place.


If you have been granted admission, please post your enrollment documents by the enrollment deadline (specified in your letter of admission) to the following address:

Mailing Address (application and enrollment)

Universität Bonn
Abt. 1.3 - Studierendensekretariat
53012 Bonn, Germany

Alternative for courier services:

Universität Bonn
Abt. 1.3 – Studierendensekretariat
Am Hof 1
53113 Bonn, Germany
Important: In order to avoid costs at the German customs, please send the documents by "Envelope", that means as ordinary or registered mail and indicate a value of goods of 0,00 Euro and as content "Documents". Please note that the University of Bonn will not cover any costs should they be charged during customs clearance. In this case your mail will be returned to you.

Contact Information

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