More Practice Than Theory

Studying and Earning Money

People who work while studying often do so in order to put themselves in a better financial position but also to gain real-life experience to help with their studies and their entry into a career further down the line. Please be aware, however, that studying is a full-time job in itself and, as far as possible, should not simply be fitted in alongside other commitments.

Where can I find jobs?


Studierendenwerk job board

Students who wish or need to work while studying can look at the Studierendenwerk job board. From tutoring in Latin, organizing sporting events, helping with house moves or looking after children through to patient interviews and seasonal jobs such as running a Christmas market stall, students will find a wide range of opportunities here together with the most important details (type of activity, pay, etc.).


University of Bonn job portal

You can find vacancies for part-time jobs during your studies, internships and jobs for when you graduate in the University of Bonn’s careers portal and in the local careers portals for specific degree programs and departmental student bodies at the University of Bonn. More information is available on this website.


University of Bonn job board

Internships and jobs that require specific qualifications, potentially even a completed degree, are posted on the University of Bonn job board. It lists internal positions at the University for student assistants or doctoral students as well as jobs being advertised by external providers, such as entry-level sales and marketing roles, corporate consulting internships, freelance media jobs, temporary jobs preparing for conferences, student jobs for coding work and much more.

Employment Agency

If the end of your degree is rapidly approaching and the time has come to look for a job, you can make use of the Employment Agency’s information and placement services. The agency does
not advertise any student jobs.

Local press

Vacancies are also regularly advertised in the local press, e.g.:

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