Work and study with family responsibilities

Office of Family Services Staff Unit

The Office of Family Services contributes to a better combinability of science, career, studies and family. We provide advice to employees and students of the University of Bonn around the topics of childcare, maternity protection, parental leave, care of relatives and more.

Head of Office of Family Services

Avatar Kick

Karin Kick

  • Family-Friendly University Audit
    Project management

  • Advice about combining career and studies with family responsibilities

  • Speaker in the HochschulNetzwerk Familie NRW 

Avatar Thiedemann

Daniela Thiedemann

  • Advice on compatibility issues 

  •  Deputy management 

  • Ongoing projects              


Avatar Krtinic

Snezana Krtinic


  • Appointments for consultation sessions 

  • Registering for childcare

  • Babysitting services


Avatar Lohmer

Stefanie Lohmer

  • Advice for members of staff and students relating to caring for family members

  • Vacation childcare

Avatar Paffenholz

Sabine Paffenholz

  • Public Relations
  • Website maintenance

Student  Assistant

Avatar Wachtendorf

Lena Wachtendorf

  • Website Editor

  • Public Relations

  • Advice about studying abroad with a child
    Office hours: Tuesday and Friday
    9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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