Care centers and training

When it comes to basic questions about care, care centers often are the first place to go. Those required to learn certain care techniques can consult care training courses run by care funds. We recommend that you take advantage of the services provided by the care centers and training courses to help you respond to the new challenge. 

Care centers

Care centers were established following the requirements of § 92c SGB XI (valid from July 1, 2008) within the scope of the Care Development Act (“Pflege-Weiterentwicklungsgesetz”).

Care centers are required by law to provide independent and comprehensive advice. The advice which they provide does not focus on finding a residential care facility, but seeks to establish the requirements which enable those requiring care to remain in their familiar domestic setting. The centers principally provide advice regarding:

  • Alterations to residential space
  • Financial support

Qualified consultation is available from


Holders of statutory health insurance

All care funds offer their members free-of-charge training care programs.

Participants acquire a theoretical and practical understanding of care work. These courses are suitable for people who are facing the prospect of caring for close relatives or who are already involved in providing such care. 

Many care funds run training schemes related to specific conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s. 

Individual training sessions can also be arranged in a domestic setting.

Holders of private health insurance

Compass provides a free-of-charge telephone advice service for holders of private health insurance. 


Please feel free to contact us to arrange individual and comprehensive advice. 

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