About Transdisciplinary Research Area (TRA) Life and Health

The Life and Health TRA is a network of scientists active in a wide range of fields and faculties at the University of Bonn who collaborate on research issues of scientific, technological and societal importance to our future. 

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TRA Speakers

The TRA Life and Health is led by two speakers:

Prof. Dr. Heinz Beck
The neuroscientist Heinz Beck is director of the Institute for Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research in Bonn. 
His research focuses on how complex temporal and spatial input signals are translated into output signals by synapses of different types. This is essential for understanding the function of individual nerve cells in the context of neuronal networks.
Webseite: https://ieecr-bonn.de/ieecr-groups/beck-group/
Kontakt: heinz.beck@ukbonn.de

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Kolanus
The immune and cell biologist Waldemar Kolanus is managing director of the Life and Medical Sciences (LIMES) Institute at the University of Bonn. His research aims to elucidate cellular signal transduction processes that regulate fundamental biological processes including cell activation, differentiation or migration.
Webseite: limes-institut-bonn.de/forschung/arbeitsgruppen/unit-2/abteilung-kolanus/abt-kolanus-startseite/
Kontakt: wkolanus@uni-bonn.de

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Prof. Heinz Beck (top) and Prof. Waldemar Kolanus (bottom) © Gregor Hübl/Uni Bonn

Our members

Our members are professors and group leaders of the University of Bonn and cooperating Bonn institutions from medicine, life sciences, pharmacy, nutrition research, mathematics, computer science and other fields.
Looking for a cooperation partner? Have a look at the research profiles of our members!

Key Facts

  • Establish a transdisciplinary research profile around the topic “Construction and Deconstruction of Life”
  • Promote inter-faculty and transdisciplinary collaboration
  • Create inter-faculty research infrastructures
  • Increase the proportion of female academics in the TRA Life and Health
  • Provide support for postdoctoral researchers (in partnership with BFB, the Bonn Biomedicine Forum)
  • Translation and transfer of research results in collaboration with EnaCom4

The TRA is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKW) as part of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments.

The TRA Life and Health is led by two speakers: Prof. Dr. Heinz Beck (Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research) and Prof. Dr. Waldemar Kolanus (LIMES-Institute).

The TRA Steering Committee consists of the TRA speakers, the deans of the faculties associated with the TRA, a speaker of the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2, other professorial members representing the research areas of the TRA, and representatives of the university status groups.
An overview of the members of the Steering Committee can be found further down this page (link).

Your contact for all questions about TRA Life and Health:
TRA Manager:
Dr. Meike Brömer
Strategic Development and Quality Assurance Unit
Vice Rectorate for Research and Early-Career Researchers
email: life-and-health@uni-bonn.de
Phone: 0228-7354470

The TRA currently has around 130 members whose research addresses topics in the field of life and health. Our members are mainly professors and heads of research groups from medicine, molecular biomedicine, pharmacy, genetics, cell biology and nutrition and food sciences, but also from theology, psychology and philosophy. Further members come from our cooperation partners, the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), local Fraunhofer Institutes and the Max-Planck-Institute for Neurobiologiy of Behavior - caesar.
TRA Life and Health members

Join us!

The TRA is closely linked with three faculties of the University of Bonn: 
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture 
The deans of these faculties are members of the TRA Steering Committee.

All important information on the structure and legal basis can be found in the statutes (German only).


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, as the Board of TRA Life and Health, reflects the diversity of the areas belonging to the TRA. In addition to the deans of the faculties associated with the TRA, the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2 is represented by a speaker. The various research areas of the TRA are represented by professorial members. Furthermore, representatives of the university status groups are voting members of the steering committee.

Members of the Steering Committee:

ex officio members:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dominik Bach, TRA Hertz Chair
Prof. Dr. Heinz Beck, Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research 
Prof. Dr. Heiko Schoof, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture
Prof. Dr. Waldemar Kolanus, LIMES-Institute
 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Elena S. Reckzeh, Argelander Professor, TRA Life and Health
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ana Ivonne Vazquez-Armendariz, Argelander Professor, TRA Life and Health
Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Walter Witke, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Professorial members:
Prof. Dr. Oliver Brüstle, Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology
Prof. Dr. Michael Famulok, LIMES-Institute
Prof. Dr. Jörg Höhfeld, Institute for Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. Markus Nöthen, Institute of Human Genetics 
Prof. Dr. Christa Müller, Pharmaceutical Institute
Prof. Dr. Joachim Schultze, DZNE and LIMES-Institute
Prof. Dr. Bernd Fleischmann, Institute of Physiology
Prof. Dr. Ute Nöthlings, Institute of Nutritional and Food Sciences  
Prof. Dr. Anja Schneider, DZNE and Clinic for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Gerontopsychiatry

Representation of University Status Groups

Academic staff:
Nikola Makdissi, LIMES-Institute
Katharina Sieckmann, Institute of Innate Immunity

Theresa Eulgem
Bianca Broske (Deputy)

Administrative and technical staff:
Dr. Elmar Endl, Bonn Technology Campus


Prof. Dr. Dirk Baumjohann, Medical Clinic III for Oncology, Hematology, Immuno-Oncology and Rheumatology
Prof. Dr. Andreas Schlitzer, LIMES-Institute
Prof. Dr. Florian I. Schmidt, Institute of Innate Immunity
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Simon, Institute of Nutritional and Food Sciences  

Become TRA member!

We welcome anyone who wants to pursue collaborative, innovative and transdisciplinary research in the research area "Life and Health".

You are eligible to become a member if

  •  you lead an independent research group in the research area "Life and Health" and are member of a faculty of the University of Bonn
  • you match the criteria above and are not member of University of Bonn but are staff of an institut that holds a cooperation agreement with the University of Bonn

Please contact us for any questions concerning the membership:
Thank you!

For more information on TRA membership and governance, please see our statute.


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