Section 9.1 - Academic Planning and Capacity Matters

This is our remit ...

For questions relating to academic planning, especially regarding

  • creation, development and withdrawal of degree programs
  • the preparation of agenda items concerning new degree programs for rectorate meetings
  • special permits
  • cooperation agreements for degree programs
  • the creation of non-standard degree programs (e.g. part-time or work-integrated)
  • structural models for programs of study 
  • international programs of study (in cooperation with Division 6)

please contact

© Witt
© Witt

For questions relating to capacity matters, especially regarding

  • capacity utilization
  • teaching loads
  • Hochschulpakt/ Landesmasterprogramm/ ZSL
  • capacity calculations
  • teaching supply and demand
  • attrition rates
  • available places on a program
  • admission restrictions

please contact

For questions relating to examination matters, especially regarding

  • scrutiny of draft examination regulations for committee discussion

  • guidance on designing and drafting new study and examination regulations

  • support for the further development of study and examination regulations

  • guidance on designing and drafting selection procedure regulations

  • questions relating to examination law (application of the examination regulations, examination procedures)

  • formal notifications, objections

please contact

© Witt
© Witt

Accreditation of degree programs  is now being handled by the Teaching and Learning Quality Management Unit at the Studying, Teaching, Academic Planning division. Academic Planning and Capacity Matters will conclude any ongoing accreditations.

For any questions regarding accreditation, and to get in touch with the Teaching and Learning Quality Management Unit, please email

For questions relating to structural affairs, especially regarding

  • the creation, change or closing down of organizational units within faculties
  • cooperation agreements
  • teaching loads in the context of appointment negotiations

please contact

© Witt

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Head of Section

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Dr. Judith Arnoldt

Deputy Head of Section

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