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Counseling services for students

Studying is a phase of life that is rich in new experiences and intensive knowledge acquisition. It is therefore not surprising that studying also involves some stressful and labour-intensive periods: gaining theoretical and practical experience, implementing projects, writing exams, giving presentations and, last but not least, organising your free time.

In order to meet these demands, it is quite normal to sometimes feel tense, under time pressure or overwhelmed. On this page you will find references to overview pages and information to help you find the right support at the University of Bonn.

Making use of support

The University of Bonn has a wide range of support and counselling services for students and doctoral researchers. Find out here what options are available to you.

Advice and service for all aspects of studying

At the University of Bonn, you can take advantage of numerous counselling options and services at all stages of your studies. The offer is supplemented by the student advice centres and the services of the Studierendenwerk Bonn.

Psychological and social counselling

Everyone can experience difficult situations that they cannot resolve on their own and in which they seek professional advice and support. Depending on your individual concerns, various competent contact persons from the field of psychosocial counselling are available to you at our university.

Support for doctoral researchers

The University of Bonn has various orientation and support programmes for the time before, during and after your doctorate. On the website, you will also find offices that support you in personal matters during your doctorate.

Communicate support services

As part of our efforts to strengthen students' mental health, we provide slides for example for lecturers, student councils or programme managers, which provide an overview of the support services available.

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Introductory slides for mental support for students

The slides are designed to be self-explanatory and do not require any specific background knowledge. They are intended to help normalise discussion of the topic of mental health and promote preventative measures.

In addition to mental health support services, other relevant organisations that deal with students' concerns are also listed. The slides can be shown during lectures and seminars or at information events.

If you do not have access to Confluence, please contact us to receive the slides.

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