Counseling Services for Students

This web page outlines all the sources of counseling, help and support available to students at the University of Bonn. We are here to help!

Support during your Studies

Students with questions pertaining to the organization of their studies and problems—writer’s block, financial difficulties and accommodation—can turn to the:

The subject-specific study advisory services provides advice and support on a range of subject-specific questions such as the contents of specific modules, university teaching, examinations and how to develop your own subject profile.

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The Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service advises all those considering a university application and provides advice on choosing a degree program, the application and admissions procedure and preparing to succeed at university.

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The Student Registry is the first point of contact for all administrative questions related to your studies, including the application and admission procedures, enrollment, re-registration, leaves of absence and changing subject or degree program.

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The Studierendenwerk’s agency for educational assistance is the first port of call for all those with questions about and wishing to submit a BAföG application. Its student accommodation section administers the student accommodation and guest houses  at the University of Bonn.

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In addition to representing students’ political interests, the General Students’ Committee’s focuses on the provision of counseling and other services. Their expertise covers a wide range of topics: advice on matters pertaining to BAföG, advice for students with children, social and legal consultation, advice for international students, advice for lesbian/homosexual and transgender students—AStA provides advice and support on almost every issue that could affect students.

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The student councils provide information and support from the student’s perspective. Student councils are a key point of contact, especially for first-semester students; the activities which they organize provide good opportunities for networking and orientation. Some student councils also sell scripts and second-hand textbooks at reduced prices, arrange learning partnerships and organize interesting, subject-related excursions.

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The University of Bonn Writing Lab provides advice and support in all questions about writing academic texts. It is the first port of call for free-of-charge and constructive individual consultation for students of all disciplines, providing feedback, tips for skills-acquisition and the best response to a range of challenges. The USL offers also an open office hour. The Writing Lab also organizes courses and workshops on academic writing and seminars provided by the empirical lab.

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Studying with a Family

Questions about childcare and sources of (financial) support before, during and after pregnancy should be addressed to the:

The Office of Family Services provides advice and support in all issues affecting those raising a family whilst enrolled in a degree program, including issues such as maternity protection, parental leave, sources of financial support and how to combine childcare and the need to care for relatives with studies.

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The General Students’ Committee (AStA) organizes regular counseling sessions for pregnant students and those with childcare responsibilities focusing on a range of issues such as financial support, finding a daycare center place or organizing studies.

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During or after Completion of your Studies

Further information about stays abroad or starting your career can be found here:

International Office
The University of Bonn’s International Office is the contact point for all issues pertaining to international and intercultural programs and activities: how and when can I plan a stay abroad? What are the potential destinations? How can I pay for everything and what preparations should I make?

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The Career Center supports University of Bonn students and graduates in making the transition from their studies to a professional career. The offer spans counseling, seminars and career events.

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Psychosocial and Health Counseling

Information about a range of physical and mental health issues and conflicts is available here:

The staff physicians office provides individual consultation and advice services for University staff experiencing health problems at work.

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The Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at University Hospital Bonn provides inpatient treatment for those with psychological and psychosomatic conditions as well as outpatient diagnostic consultations. It specializes in eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression and burnout.

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Sometimes, everyone needs a little advice and support to master difficult situations, especially during a degree course. You can find help and support from the contact persons of the Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service.

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Help and assistance for staff and students experiencing conflict situations.

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This service provides consultation on short notice, arranges psychotherapy and provides assistance in cost claims procedures.

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The University Psychotherapy Outpatient Clinic run by the Department of Psychology at the University of Bonn is an outpatient research and teaching department focusing on behavior therapy.

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Do you have the feeling that life is not going to plan? Does a chronic illness or specific situation (threaten to) throw your life into confusion? Would you like to meet with people in a similar situation?

Then get in touch with the Bonn self-help contact point and/or find out about the work of the Bonn self-help groups and the advice and support provided by the contact point from this home page.

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The telephone counseling service of the Protestant and Catholic Churches are open to all. It is free-of-charge and provides anonymous and confidential support 24 hours a day. You can also contact us online:

Phone: 0800-1110111 (Protestant) or
Phone: 0800-1110222 (Catholic)

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Supporting disadvantaged Groups

The University of Bonn provides information tailored to the needs of a range of individual groups:

If you have any questions about studying with a disability, especially regarding issues of disadvantage compensation during admission, studies and examinations, please contact the representative for disabled and chronically ill students. Our service is entirely confidential and follows a solutions-oriented approach, with the aim of enabling independence at university, with or despite a disability!

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The Gender Equality Office is the first port of call for all those with questions pertaining to LGTBQIA* issues and provides consultation on a range of issues, for example bullying.

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