Learning German: We Can Help!

Language learning support

The Section German as a Foreign Language offers language learning support for international students, doctoral students, (visiting) researchers and staff of the University of Bonn. We offer conventional learning support, help with German language self-learning and support in developing suitable learning strategies.

How can I successfully learn German?

Learning a foreign language is complex. A variety of learning styles, types and traditions, differences in language learning awareness and, of course, particularities of the German language all impact individual language acquisition processes.

Learning German can lead to a number of questions and difficulties:

  • What should I learn?
  • How should I learn?
  • Which materials/ links are best suited to my needs?
  • How do I tackle typical problems, such as learning difficulties or
  • lack of motivation, when learning German?
  • How do I plan and keep track of my learning progress?

Objective of the support

With our language learning support, we want to enable you to independently develop your German skills. Our learning counselors can help you with the following steps:

  • Defining realistic learning objectives
  • Creating learning plans
  • Selecting suitable learning materials
  • Developing learning strategies
  • Tracking your learning progress

Please do not hesitate to make use of our offers aimed at making learning easier for you and contact us for an appointment with our language learning counselors.


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Svetlana Nießen

Language learning support

Tips for self-learning

Deutsch perfekt

Whether you wish to read, hear or practice German, Deutsch perfekt is the best way to realize your aims. Published by ZEIT Sprachen both online and in printed form, the magazine is full of interesting articles and exercises.

The Digital Dictionary of the German Language (DWDS)

The dictionary lists almost every German word used from 1600 to today and provides text references. Have a look in the dictionary workshop or test your language skills with a word play.

Online German Academy

Take an independent and flexible approach to learning the German language. You can also find a range of grammar and vocabulary exercises and interesting apps. You can use the online German course as a free-of-charge supplement to your current course or for independent learning.

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