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If you wish to leave the University of Bonn, you can apply for deregistration at the Student Registry. You will be issued a certificate of deregistration, which must be presented when enrolling at another university, for example. Another way to deregister is by not re-registering for the next semester.

Reasons for deregistration

Deregistration means you will lose your student status at the University of Bonn. There are various reasons for deregistration:

  • You successfully completed your studies
  • You wish to discontinue your studies or transfer to a different university
  • You did not re-register (pay the semester fee) for the next semester or missed the deadline for re-registration
  • You failed your final attempt to complete coursework or examinations required for continuing your studies, meaning you no longer have permission to continue in your chosen degree program (if this happens, you should contact the Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service).
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Deregistration “upon request”

If you wish to leave the University of Bonn, you must submit an application for deregistration at the Student Registry. The application form is available for download as a PDF file. Applications may be submitted in person, by mail or email. You will receive a certificate of deregistration confirming your deregistration.

Deregistration “ex officio”

If you have finished your studies, if do not wish to or do not have permission to continue your studies or if you failed to re-register for the next semester or re-registered too late, you will be deregistered ex officio.

If you want to switch to a different university – during your studies but also after successfully finishing your degree – you should always actively apply to be deregistered (deregistration “upon request”) because this is the only way to receive a certificate of deregistration. Such a certificate is needed for enrollment at your new university.

Facts about deregistration

Your deregistration takes effect at the end of the semester, that is, on September 30 for the summer semester and on March 31 for the winter semester. After your deregistration has become effective, you will receive a certificate of deregistration.

For important reasons, your deregistration may also take effect on the day of your request. One example of an important reason is when you apply for benefits at the Employment Agency. In this case, your student ID becomes invalid on the day of your deregistration and must be returned to the Student Registry.

If you have already re-registered for the next semester, please be sure to submit your new student documents (including your student ID) together with your application for deregistration.

You can get a full refund of your semester fee if your application for deregistration is received at the Student Registry prior to the beginning of the lecture period.

If the lecture period has already started, the Studi-Ticket Committee at the General Students’ Committee (AStA) decides whether or not to refund the portion of the semester fee earmarked for the student transit pass. The deadline for requesting a refund is four weeks after the date of deregistration. The relevant date is the day your request is received by the Studi-Ticket Committee. The remaining portion of the semester fee is non-refundable.

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