Are you looking for a flexible and interactive way of learning? Discover our wide range of interactive and video-based E-Trainings. Courses on topics such as leadership, communication, new work, mental health, time and project management are available to all doctoral students at the University of Bonn on the TwentyOne Skills and PINKTUM platforms.

Learning on Demand

  • TwentyOne Skills provide you with flexible training in key competency areas such as science communication, agile skills, design thinking, time management, and mental health for the academic field.
  • The PINKTUM platform includes online courses on topics such as agile skills, leadership, communication, and health which are designed especially for the non-academic sector.
  • Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value teaches the basics of research impact in business, politics and society.

Please note

Please register for an E-Training via our registration forms linked below (and not via the providers' websites).

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For Academia: TwentyOne Skills

  • With your successful registration, you will receive time-limited access to the entire course program (for up to three months). You can register at the beginning of a new cohort, which starts on February/May/August/November 15th.
  • If you miss the deadline, registration is still possible. Please note, however, that in this case access may be shorter than three months.
  • Please understand that only a limited number of participants can join the TwentyOne Skills platform at the same time. If all places are taken, you will be offered a slot in the next available period.
  • The courses are available in two formats: Deep Dive (about 2-3 hours time) and Nuggets (about 20 minutes). A wide variety of learning materials are also available for download.
  • In addition to the E-Training, you can participate in live online sessions, in which you can interactively deepen the contents with other participants.
  • The courses are available in English (with optional English subtitles).

You can find an overview of TwentyOne Skills' courses on the provider's website.

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For the Non-Academic Sector: PINKTUM

  • The courses are offered in various languages and can be selected from the provider's e-learning library according to your individual needs.
  • The 45 - 120 minute training courses are divided into short learning units of about 10 minutes.
  • Learning questions, exercises, and interactive learning elements help you to consolidate what you have learned. In addition, a wide range of learning materials is available for download. The courses end with a test. 
  • Please note that you must complete the E-Training within 6 months, otherwise we will block your access to the respective E-Training.
  • Please understand that you cannot register for several E-Training courses at the same time. You can only register for another one after you have completed a training course.
  • You can currently complete a maximum of 7 E-Trainings per calendar year.

You can find a complete overview of all available courses on the PINKTUM website.

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Online Training: Research Impact

  • The course Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value teaches the basics of the impact of research in business, politics and society.
  • All researchers at the University of Bonn can complete the course independently online. The training is structured in 5 modules and takes a total of approx. 4 to 5 hours including the final test. The modular structure allows for flexibility in terms of time and location.
  • The Bonn Graduate Center, the Research Support and the Transfer Center enaCom of the University of Bonn have co-developed this program as part of an international group of experts around the leading provider of online training EPIGEUM.
  • The training is part of the Argelander program for early career researchers, but can also be taken by participants at other career stages.
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On the TwentyOne Skills platform, you can generate your certificate of attendance after completing a course. For each completed long course (Deep Dive) 2 units can be credited as part of the Doctorate plus certificate, for each completed short course (Nugget) 0.5 units are recognized.

After completing a course offered by PINKTUM, you will receive a certificate of attendance by e-mail from us a few days later. The courses will be credited for the Doctorate plus certificate according to the length of the respective training.

Please note that a maximum of 8 units from both e-training platforms can be credited for the Doctorate plus certificate.

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