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You’re interested in a workshop, seminar or campaign to better the health of those in your team or work area, including yourself?

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Our approach

Working in accordance with the WHO definition of health as a “[...] state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of illness or ailment”, we follow a holistic approach to this issue.

We have assembled our provision in the blocks “physical health”, “mental health” and “social health”.

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We collaborate with University Sports, Occupational Safety and Human Resource Development to bring you the following offerings:

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Physical health

Physical health refers to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, fitness and physical activity and workplace ergonomics.

A special seminar teaches you how to relieve eyestrain from hours of screen usage throughout your day using relaxation exercises that can even improve your eyesight. The seminar can be conducted as a half-day or full-day event.

Engaging in physical activity and fitness together with others is great fun. University Sports has a wide range of physical activity and fitness offerings for you. These include the break time express and sport at work activities scheduled conveniently for employee participation. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a soothing a massage; the TouchLife massage method gives you a truly regenerative break from your day-to-day work and busy life.

The massage offering can be conducted at your location if enough staff members on your team are interested.

Healthy nutrition is crucial for physical well-being, but is also important for cognitive ability. What we eat has significant impact on our mental performance, because the brain requires a balanced, high-quality diet to supply it with sufficient energy for its many important functions.

As part of our offerings you get tips on how to make healthy snacks or prepare good meals that taste great and give your body the balanced diet it wants and needs.

Workplace ergonomics is about promoting and maintaining physical, mental and visual health through ergonomic workplace design (modifying the work environment) and proper behavior.

The seminar content can be tailored to your particular workplace and work area.

Mental health

Our mental health offerings are designed to promote psychological resilience and improve participants’ ability to handle stressful situations.

Tailorable to the needs of your group, this seminar shows you how to cultivate psychological resilience to help you better deal with challenging situations.

At work, a certain amount of stress is generally unavoidable, and within limits it can even be beneficial and positive. It is important, however, to recognize the borderline at which stress turns negative, leading ultimately to illness. This seminar is designed to teach specific techniques enabling participants to better handle situations which they feel to be negative and overwhelming. 

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Healthy together

This is a set of offerings designed to make staff interaction more healthy, improving cooperation and communication so we feel and act more as a team. 

Learn how to focus away from problems or mistakes within your team and concentrate instead on your team strengths, including all the things you have achieved together and will be tackling together in the future.  

Cultivating emotional intelligence in part means becoming more aware of and managing your emotions, while gaining empathy toward others and their feelings—and acting accordingly. Teams of individuals with highly differing personalities can benefit particularly from this workshop, as participants become more self-aware and more capable of self-regulation. Social competency is trained as well in a manner designed to allow your team’s full potential to unfold.

On demand

Would you like to be active on your own and do something good for your own health independently of the given times? Then you will find our digital health offerings here.

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We have assembled a range of healthy working information on Instagram and Facebook.

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