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Transfer Center enaCom

We see ourselves as an intermediary, translator and catalyst between science and stakeholders outside the scientific community. Our work focuses on making research results available for the benefits of society. enaCom is the central point of contact for all matters relating to University knowledge and technology transfer – for University of Bonn members and everyone else being interested to co-operate with us.

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CFA Prototyping Grants

Applications for a prototype development grant of up to € 50,000 can be submitted until 31.05.2024. The grant supports start-up projects in the preparation, validation and development of marketable products or services. The call is open to all researchers at the University, including UKB, who have ideas for founding a start-up or spin-off based on their research.

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From the initial check to individual coaching, we help University members to turn ideas into successful start-ups.

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Inventions and Patents

Patents protect research results and facilitate commercialization. enaCom helps to identify, protect, market and commercialize inventions.

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Business and Society

enaCom enables to collaborate successfully: science, together with business and society, we take responsibility for innovations.

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Funding Opportunities

enaCom helps to select and submit applications for public funding programs focused on different start-up or transfer projects.

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enaCom is partner in different networks focusing on knowledge transfer to promote the exchange of science with all external stakeholders.

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enaCom offers a variety of events on soft skills, professional skills and networking with transfer partners.

Detecting diseases more precisely with lysosome analysis

The lysosome is a part of human cells and has been linked to a variety of diseases, including cancer. Proteins derived from lysosomes have a high potential to serve as biomarkers, which allow to detect diseases in the human body. A research team led by Dr. Dominic Winter (Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and University Hospital Bonn) has developed an innovative assay to analyze these lysosomal proteins and, therefore, to detect potential new biomarkers. With this assay, diseases could be tracked down more efficiently in the future. The project is now being funded with a prototyping grant to further develop the method to commercialization. The grants with a funding amount of up to €50,000 are regularly awarded by the Transfer Center enaCom. Applications for prototype development in 2024 can currently be submitted until 31.05.2024.

Günter Mayer Awarded an ERC Advanced Grant

Which signaling pathways are disrupted by the development of tumors and how can they be addressed effectively? Professor Günter Mayer from the LIMES Institute at the University of Bonn is investigating these questions. The researcher has been awarded a coveted Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for this project. The European Union is providing some €2.5 million in funding over the next five years.

First Uni Bonn FEMTEC scholarship holders start

Two weeks full of new experiences, encounters, enriching workshops, introspection and insights - this is what the first group of FEMTEC scholarship holders from the University of Bonn experienced at this year's FEMTEC Winter School. In March, the five students traveled to Berlin for a week of workshops and then visited various companies throughout Germany. The Winter School marks the start of the one-and-a-half-year career-building programme, in which the female students from Bonn are prepared for future leadership roles in business or science. The FEMTEC programme starts twice a year and opens the next call of applications from 15.4.-5.5.2024. All female STEM Master's students are invited to apply!

Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value

The new online training course "Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value" teaches the basics of the impact of research in business, politics and society. What counts as impact, how can it be embedded and considered in every step of the research process and ultimately implemented effectively? The Bonn Graduate Center, the Funding Advisory Service and the Transfer Center enaCom at the University of Bonn co-developed this program as part of an international group of experts around the leading provider of online training EPIGEUM. This makes the University of Bonn one of the first universities in the German-speaking world to offer this course.

Call for start-up mentors

Support the University of Bonn as a mentor to accompany start-up projects to success. The Transfer Center enaCom has created a platform where you can contribute your potential as a mentor while supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. Register and become part of our inspiring network of experienced executives, (industry) experts and innovative start-ups.

enaCom - enabling people to create opportunities


enaCom is committed to all stakeholders interested in knowledge exchange; researchers and students, as well as practitioners and citizens outside the academic community. Dialogue promotes a broad, research-based transfer of knowledge. We therefore speak both languages, the language of academics and the language of professionals.


enaCom provides individual consulting and assistance to support the multidimensional transfer activities of the University. We always help existing and future partners inside and outside the University and provide unbureaucratic, efficient service.


enaCom is committed to promoting transfer of knowledge and technology. We combine different transfer activities from all research areas of the University. We document successful transfer formats and give them visibility. We present best practice from within the University so that all those interested in transfer may benefit all together. To the outside world, we act as a showcase for the most exciting transfer projects.


enaCom informs about innovative research results close to application. We talk about science offering meet-ups for different stakeholders in business and society. As a central point of contact and gateway for co-operation, we connect all stakeholders inside and outside the University.


enaCom handles all matters concerning utilization of the excellent research results achieved by the University. We provide information on the options available for protecting intellectual property rights and how to bring inventions to start-up.


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