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Mature students (55+)

The University of Bonn does not offer dedicated courses exclusively for senior citizens. If they hold the “Abitur” general university entrance qualification, they can apply or, depending on the applicable admission restrictions, directly enroll for degree programs as regular students. This is required if they[BO1]  want to take examinations.

What degree programs can I study?

The law imposes restrictions on senior citizens interested in studying a subject with restricted admission. Applicants aged 55 or over on the cut-off date for applications (July 15 or January 15) will only be able to take part in the selection procedure in exceptional cases. Applications will only be considered if there are sound academic or professional reasons. As many subjects currently have restricted admission, this rule will significantly limit your choice of subjects.

Some subjects do not have any admission restrictions at all. You can enroll for these online by the respective deadlines, regardless of how old you are and whether or not you already have a degree.


For many senior citizens, auditing is a good way to pursue a personal continuing education interest at the University. Auditors can attend any lectures they choose and may also be able to take part in limited-capacity events (tutorials, seminars, etc.) after consulting the lecturers. However, they are not allowed to take examinations. You can enroll as an auditor even if you do not have the “Abitur” general university entrance qualification. Applications can be submitted to the Student Registry at the beginning of the respective semester.

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Life-Long Learning University

Senior citizens who are not pursuing a specific study project but who would like to attend individual lectures, lecture series or panel discussions are invited to take part in the Life-Long Learning University program. Rather than being a program governed by study and examination regulations in which you work toward a degree, it gives you the opportunity to tackle problems from a range of academic disciplines without requiring any particular prior knowledge. A full list of the lectures, tutorials and language courses offered as part of the Life-Long Learning University is published at the start of each semester and can be consulted in the University main building and the Life-Long Learning University Office.

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