Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunity at the University of Bonn

As a learning organization, the University views diversity in its community, including different capabilities, characters, experiences, constitutions, life journeys and ways of living, as both an enrichment and a challenge. The achievement of diversity and the combination of its individual elements enables an organization to combine different approaches to problem-solving, which in turn opens up new perspectives, uncovers new ideas and questions, and ultimately results in more comprehensive solutions. As such, the entire University community benefits from horizons broadened and more effective use of resources.

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Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The advancement of equal opportunity in teaching, learning, and academia and the establishment of discrimination-free learning and working conditions in a way which do justice to the diversity of university members are central tasks for University management.

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Gender Equality

The Gender Equality Office works to promote the cause of gender equality at the University of Bonn and provides advice and support in cases of discrimination and sexual discrimination.

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A Family-Friendly University

The Office for Family Services advises employees and students at the University of Bonn on all aspects of childcare, maternity leave, parental leave, caring for relatives and more.

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Inclusive University

The University of Bonn advocates the dismantling of exclusion mechanisms in order to enable more participation and inclusion-sensitive study and work conditions - regardless of a person's gender, age, origin, religion, education, disabilities, or other individual characteristics.

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Center for Diversity Research in Teaching (ZeDiL)

Central scientific institution of the University of Bonn for research on diversity in academic teaching.

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