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Quality Assurance in Research and Teaching

Academic integrity and high quality teaching are top priorities at the University of Bonn.

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Responsibility and Integrity in Research

The University of Bonn has established binding guidelines to ensure good research practice and appropriate handling of accusations of research misconduct. Independent committees ensure that cases of suspected research misconduct are investigated according to national and international standards. 

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Good Teaching

The University of Bonn has established an Evaluation Regulation (Evaluationsordnung, EvaLS), which regulates the procedures for quality assurance in teaching and studying in the sense of operational control loops. Systematic analysis, assurance and improvement of quality are carried out with a particular focus on achieving the defined study goals and ensuring the most 'regular' study progress possible.


Family-friendly University


Audit Internationalization


Fairtrade University

Audits at the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn regularly participates in external audits for quality assurance and continuous improvement of our offerings and processes.


In 2017, the University of Bonn successfully passed the audit “Internationalization of Universities” by the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK).

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

In 2018, the University of Bonn took part in the transfer audit moderated by the Stifterverband and further expanded the Transfer Center enaCom.


In 2020, the University of Bonn successfully passed the diversity audit "Vielfalt gestalten" of the Stifterverband.

Family Friendly

In December 2011, the university was certified as a family-friendly University.


In November 2020, the University of Bonn was named a Fairtrade University by TransFair e.V. (Fairtrade Germany).


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Strategic Development and Quality Assurance

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Dr. Eva Drews

Strategic Development and Quality Assurance

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