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While many students feel like they are the only ones experiencing doubts about their academic choices made, more than half of all students actually reach this point eventually.
On this page, we have compiled reports from (former) students who faced similar situations. The “Studienzweifel” group on Slack allows you to share personal experiences and network with others.

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First-hand reports

In videos and blog posts, (former) students also experiencing doubts about their studies explain how varied and diverse these can be and how you can move forward. You will also find a lot of tips and self-help strategies for dealing with this situation.

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“Studienzweifel” group on Slack

Do you feel alone in seriously reconsidering the choice of your studies? Would you like to talk to and connect with others who are in the same boat as you?

Then join our “Studienzweifel” Slack group and share your experiences among your peers! You will also find regularly updated information on consultation offerings and further input related to doubting your academic choices.

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