Transfer Center enaCom

enaCom is the central service unit for promoting all transfer activities at the University of Bonn. We support a university-wide culture for exchange between science and society. Our team is available at all times to provide advice and support on topics related to establishing contacts for cooperation, start-up issues, and opportunities for exploiting research results.

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Avatar Speer

Sandra Speer

Head of Department


Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-62006

Avatar Daseking

Dennis Daseking

Deputy Head of Department (interim)


Brühler Str. 7

+49 228 73-62011

Avatar Morales

Claudia Morales

Business Office


Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-62004

Avatar Mayer

Günter Mayer

Transfer Officer of the Rectorate

+49 228 73-2935

Start-up Consulting

The start-up consultants in the Transfer Center enaCom are your contact persons for all questions concerning start-ups, freelancing and entrepreneurship. All members of the university with a concrete or general interest in start-up topics are welcome.

Avatar Domuz

Vesna Domuz

currently absent


Brühler Str. 7

Avatar Müller

Anna Müller


Brühler Str. 7

+49 228 73-62003

Avatar Küsshauer

Alexander Küsshauer


Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-62026

Avatar Wille

Marcus Wille

Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-5703

Avatar von Pidoll

Alexander von Pidoll

Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-62028

Technology Transfer

The Transfer Center enaCom helps members of the University of Bonn to identify, evaluate and protect the economic potential of their research and advises on all details of this process. Our IP (Intellectual Property) consultants answer general and personal questions on the subject of employee invention law, industrial property rights and the economic commercialization of research and development results.

Avatar Wolf

Rüdiger Wolf

Brühler Str. 7

+49 228 73-2210

Innovation Scouting

The Innovation Scouts raise awareness among university members regarding transfer activities affecting different parts of society. Based on the diverse research activities, they identify and support ideal paths for the transfer of knowledge and technologies. In doing so, they accompany the path from invention to innovation and on to market launch.

Avatar Mittweg-Grapentin

Greta Mittweg-Grapentin


Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-6505

Avatar Schmidt

Dr. Florentin Joscha Schmidt


Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-6504

Avatar Treutlein

Dr. Daniela Treutlein


Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-6503

Avatar Qaim

Christina Qaim


Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-5584

Public Relations

The Transfer Center enaCom supports the members of the University of Bonn from start-up projects to transfer projects with social commitment in questions of communication. We advise and help with a wide range of transfer activities.
For all press inquiries about start-ups and other transfer activities of the university, our contact is to find suitable projects and persons.

Avatar Buhl

Natascha Buhl


Brühler Str. 7

+49 228 73-62007

Quality Management

The Transfer Center enaCom brings together expert knowledge and innovation from research, business and society. To ensure we continue to fulfill this role in the future, we pay great attention to the quality of our offerings as well as to sustainable cooperation with our partners. For questions regarding our transfer and consulting services as well as partnerships and cooperations, please contact us.

Avatar Daseking

Dennis Daseking


Brühler Str. 7

+49 228 73-62011

Internal Communication and Process Management

The Transfer Center enaCom connects different actors at the University of Bonn with a focus on innovation management and start-up support. We promote synergies and collaborations between these actors by expanding and maintaining innovation-friendly structures.

Avatar Billmann

Verena Billmann


Brühler Straße 7

+49 228 73-62027

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