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Language courses and short-term programs abroad

Not all students can afford to spend a semester or a whole year abroad, and a prolonged stay may not always fit everyone’s schedule either. Intensive language courses and summer and winter schools allow students to gain experience of living abroad and hone their international skills on a short-term academic program.

Intensive language courses

Intensive language courses are a kind of “crash course” in language learning. They last around three weeks, teach languages at various levels and are a good way to either learn a language from scratch or consolidate your existing knowledge. The language courses usually end with an examination, and you will be given a certificate or another form of proof showing the level you have achieved. Some courses also award credits. Please ask your department whether you can have these recognized at the University of Bonn.

Intensive language courses (apart from English) can be funded with a PROMOS scholarship. You can find the application criteria on the PROMOS scholarships website. The DAAD scholarship database (only available in German) lists scholarships for other specific language courses.

Summer and winter schools

Summer and winter schools are two- to four-week short-term academic programs for students. Completing the program earns you credits, which might be able to be recognized at the University of Bonn. You should clarify with your department in advance whether you can have your course recognized in this way.

We have put together a selection of courses below. If your chosen university is not listed, contact them directly to find out what is available.

The courses are subject to a fee. Some universities will give you a discount or offer to waive the fee. Please contact us before you apply.

Summer and winter schools can be funded with a PROMOS scholarship. You can find the application criteria on the PROMOS scholarships website.

Countries and courses

Below you will find an overview of courses that are currently open for applications. Please contact the organizers directly if you have any questions about applying or how your stay will be organized.

Note that we primarily include courses offered by partner universities on this page and are not allowed to recommend any commercial providers of language courses.

Countries and courses

Antwerp Summer University 2024

The University of Antwerp offers a diverse selection of Summer Courses of different durations. Study in an international environment with intensive courses in different fields. Course duration, dates and fees may differ depending on the course. Additional information can be found on the website.

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The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) offers two versions of the UBC Vancouver Summer Program for one month each. From June 07 to July 07 and from July 12 to August 12, 2024, Bachelor students can experience Canadian university life up close in various course packages from a wide range of subjects.

  • Application deadline for the June session: March 01, 2024
  • Application deadline for the July session: April 05, 2024

Information on the programs, application documents, costs etc. can be found on the website.

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HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) 2024

Program dates: June 17 to August 02, 2024
Application deadline: March 31, 2024

The Hong Kong University Summer Institute offers a wide selectionn of programs for undergraduate students. Whether to promote academic interest or to prepare for your dream career, the HKU summer courses offer the ideal opportunity to explore the university's campus life and further your education.

The HKU highlights the following courses in its selection:

  • AI Engineer: Gen-AI and Virtual Worlds
  • Business Leaders for a Changing World
  • Climate Changemakers: Educating for a Greener World
  • Creative Industries — from Start-up to Success
  • Empowering Sustainability in a Circular Economy
  • From Curiosity to Research: Practical Skills for Research Projects

The full selection of courses. Due to the partnership between the university students of Uni Bonn receive a discount for the course fees.

Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Program dates: June 23 to August 17, 2024
Application deadline: February 29, 2024

The CUHK offers 8-week research-programs at undergraduate level, where international students have to opportunity to study and research with employees of CUHK and earn credits after completion. Additionally the CUHK offers various activities and excursion during the program.

Please note that the program requires a fee and nomination as exchange student is not possible.

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Global Research Immersion Program for Young Scientists (GripS) in Nanjing

Programm dates: June to August 2024
Application deadline: March 17 2024

The GripS program is jointly developed by four prestigious universities in China’s Yangtze Delta region, namely Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China University of Science and Technology in Hefei, Fudan University in Shanghai and Nanjing University in Nanjing.

The program allows students to enhance their academic path by working closely with respected professors at one of the four universities. Students can immerse themselves in a rewarding research experience, discover the region’s innovation potential and become part of a community of global thinkers actively shaping the future. The four host universities also offer opportunities for cultural interaction in the form of company visits, city tours and Chinese cultural events in the Yangtze Delta region.

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Currently no programs available.

Currently no programs available.

SDU International Summer School

Program dates: August 03 to August 16, 2024
Application deadline: May 01, 2024

Take part in a two-week international summer school in August 2024 with students from over 40 countries. Choose from a comprehensive list of courses and gain an experience that will last you a lifetime!

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Turku Åbo Summer School

Program dates: August 05 to August 16, 2024
Application deadline: April 14, 2024

The Turku Åbo Summer School offers 17 diverse and fully accredited courses from key areas across five higher education institutions in the Turku region. Get the latest insights on topics from game design and social sustainability to finance and urban planning and much more!

Most courses are held on-site and require attendance in Turku from August 05 to August 16. Additionally, there are four self-paced online courses that you can take anywhere.

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Summer schools at the Université de Bordeaux

From May to September, the Université de Bordeaux is organizing a series of digital events on different topics. Some courses cover urban planning in Africa, mass spectrometry for analyzing preserved cultural heritage, the impact of globalization on the humanities, materials science, and medical questions, while others tackle materials for storing energy, agricultural and neurosciences, and enology.

The dates, fees and application deadlines vary from program to program. Please see the Université de Bordeaux website for details.

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Currently no programs available.

Warwick Summer School (different subjects)

Dates: July 14 to August 03, 2024
Application deadline: May 31, 2024

Whether you are looking to boost your existing knowledge or would like to gain knowledge in a new area, we have a Summer School course to suit you. With a range of subjects to choose from, you will interact with renowned academics and high-profile guest speakers. The three-week course includes a combination of lectures, seminars, and study groups, with an optional assessment. 

Our Summer School students include undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world, as well as professionals from a range of business sectors. The programme is incredibly diverse; participants have joined us from more than 62 different nationalities. 

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Currently no programs available

Ritsumeikan Short-Term Program

Ritsumeikan University offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students with minimal knowledge of the Japanese language, providing a comprehensive introduction to Japanese language and culture. There are a a five-week program, and a two-week intensive program. All of these programs consist of two major subjects: intensive Japanese language class, which provides participants with a thorough introduction to the language, and Japan Studies classes, where students can learn about Japanese culture and take part in fieldwork to cultural spots in Kyoto.

Program dates, application deadline and cost are dependant on program choice.

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Sophia Summer Sessions

Program dates: June 28 to July 19, 2024
Application deadline: February 09 to March 10, 2024

Sophia Universtiy offers two different three-week programs during the summer. Students can either immerse themselves in East Asian culture and society or get to know the Japanese language.

Waseda Summer Session

Program dates: June 15 to July 26, 2024
Application deadline: February 26 to March 22, 2024

Whether you want to explore your academic interests or the unique Japanese cultures, our in-person summer session offers the perfect opportunity.

Students also have the opportunity to meet new friends and experience campus life in Waseda. Participants choose 2 of 16 courses in the context of Japan and Asia-Pacific and can earn a total of four credits (2 credits each).

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Currently no programs available.

Rabat Business School Summer School Program

Program dates: July 01 to July 12, 2024
Application deadline: May 15, 2024

Rabat Business School, International University of Rabat, offers programs dedicated to international students Combining academic quality (RBS is accredited by the AACSB) and the pleasure of discovering the country’s riches, our International Summer School Program responds to requests for cultural and international openness from the students of our partners, coming from all over the world.

For any inquiries, please contact Mr. Badrdine Boulaid (

Application form


Currently no programs available.

Currently no programs available

Currently no programs available.

Currently no programs available.

SNU International Summer Program (ISP)

Program dates: June 24 to June 26 2024

Application deadline: May 5 2024

Seoul National University offers over 40 different courses from a wide range of disciplines in its summer school program. The program is offered to both international students and SNU students at undergraduate and graduate levels and serves for academic and cultural exchange. There is also a wide range of extracurricular activities offered by the University.

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Summer school at the University of Bern

The university will be putting on a diverse program of courses in various subjects every summer, including courses in biology and chemistry, the humanities and social sciences, climate and environmental research, medicine, physics, psychology, and economics and law. The program contains modules for both bachelor’s and master’s students. Some courses will be held online, while others are set to take place in person.

The dates, fees and application deadlines vary from program to program. Please see the program website for details.

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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid offers a Summer School in Economics and Bussiness (SSEB) as well as in Tourism. The SSEB takes place from July 01 to 26, 2024 and is structured as follows:

Four of the university’s regular courses of 6 ECTS credits, taught in English, in a 4-week intensive format (choose 1 or 2):

  • Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis
  • International Finance
  • Global Marketing
  • Doing Business in Spain

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The Summer School “Selected Topics in Tourism, International Hospitality and Attractions Management” takes place from July 15 to 26 July, 2024. This is a 2-week intensive course of 6 ECTS credits, taught in English, covering the following topics: sustainable tourism, crypto-economics and metaverse applied to tourism, human resources management, hotel finance, customer experience management, and attractions management in Madrid.

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There is also a new option to enroll only in the first two weeks of the SSEB (July 01 to 12, 2024) for students in our Tourism Summer School and in the Climate Change Summer School.

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Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

The “Climate Change Summer School (CCSS)” will take place from July 15 to 26, 2024 on the campus of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. This program offers participants the chance to attend classes led by world-class professors spanning various disciplines, including Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Geography, Humanities, Law, Physics, Political Science, and Sociology.

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Additionally, the basic two-week program can be extended into a four-week program (6 ECTS credits) from July 01 to 26, 2024, by adding one of the following courses:

Skills Summer School: Ideal for students aiming to enhance their writing and speaking skills, crucial for success in academic and professional pursuits.

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Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis: Organized by our partner UAM’s Summer School of Economics and Business, this 3 ECTS credit course offers an in-depth preview of economic analysis related to environmental policies. It complements our 2-week curriculum and provides valuable insights into the economics of climate change.

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2024 National Chengchi University International Summer School (NCCU ISS) 

Program dates: July 08 to August 02, 2024
Application date: November 06, 2023 to February 08, 2024

The International Summer School includes 4 weeks of intensive English-taught program (containing 8 courses) and Mandarin courses, and 4 optional excursions in 2024 to allow applicants with various interests and cultural backgrounds to discover the unique charms of Taiwanese cultures.

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NTU Plus Academy

Application deadline: starting February 20, 2024

National Taiwan University offers a selection of topic-based short programs designed to give students from around the world the opportunity to gain experience abroad and learn about different cultures. Program dates vary depending on the course.

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Fulbright Summer Studies Program “Leaders in Entrepeneurship” in Virginia

Program dates: August 23 to Sptember 14, 2024
Application deadline: February 28, 2024

The course is aimed at full-time undergraduate students in technology and engineering and takes place at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg.

The fully funded three-week study program offers an excellent introduction to the topic of entrepreneurship at a traditional American research university with practice-oriented seminars and team projects. Participants also gain a direct insight into business and engineering studies in the USA and into American campus life.

Learn more (only available in German) 

Fulbrigt Summer Studies Program “Diversity Initiative” in Texas

Program dates: August 22 to September 21, 2024
Application deadline: February 28, 2024

The course is aimed at full-time undergraduate students with a history of immigration from all degree programs and takes place at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas.

During the fully funded four-week program, participants attend courses on history, politics and society at Trinity University and gain insights into US society and culture through exchanges with US students and teachers. In the “Intercultural Competence” course, the focus is on the discourse on diversity and multiculturalism in the US. The academic program is supplemented by excursions and encounters in multicultural San Antonio.

Learn more (only available in German)

“Go East” summer and winter schools

Study and research visits for students

Local universities organize Go East summer and winter schools on all kinds of different topics. The program is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

From March 01 onward, students will be able to apply for one of the 47 summer schools in 19 countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Uzbekistan.
The DAAD has suspended applications for Russia and Belarus. In cause of the risk assessment, applications for DAAD-Scholarships to Ukraine are currently suspended.

  • Dual-track application procedure: Apply to the summer school for a place and to the DAAD for a scholarship.
  • Application deadline: The respective application deadline for each summer school.

You can find more information on the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) website.


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