15. December 2023

Recap "Nachhaltiger November" Recap "Nachhaltiger November"

Upcycling, sustainable cooking and much more

Nachhaltiger November, the fourth and final campaign month of 2023, once again saw many members of the University having a go at the various activities and chatting about sustainability.

Nachhaltiger November in action
Nachhaltiger November in action © Volker Lannert/Universität Bonn
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The recipe reels put together by NEiS, an initiative of the Verbraucherzentrale NRW consumer association, provided inspiration for some delicious culinary creations. Whether your taste buds were tingled by a seasonal winter soufflé, a leftovers curry or a lentil bolognese to feed an entire houseshare or family, the videos had something for everyone. These entertaining shorts were also packed with helpful sustainability tips. The recipe videos are still available on Instagram (@nachhaltige_unibonn) and YouTube even though the campaign month is now over.


What to do with old, broken cassette tapes and vinyl? Items have to be separated into their constituent materials before they have to be recycled. This isn’t an option here due to the plastic mixtures, glue and tape material used in the cassettes, so faulty ones generally end up in general waste.

A much better alternative is upcycling. With this in mind, two workshops in the Bundeskunsthalle turned old cassette tapes and vinyl records into stylish everyday objects with a practical use:

bowls, étagères, tables, shelves, mirrors, clocks and much more besides!

The workshops were inspired by the ongoing exhibition entitled “EVERYTHING AT ONCE: POSTMODERNITY, 1967–1992.”


An interdisciplinary doctoral students’ workshop focused on people’s wants and needs in the context of finite resources, with eleven participants from seven disciplines speaking and debating about what a sustainably designed future might look like. The topics discussed ranged from ethical issues and geopolitical challenges through to ideas for technical and social solutions, and the presentations were livestreamed online. The sustainability workshop was instigated by Privatdozentin Hedwig Pompe (International Program), Assistant Professor Julia Mink (Argelander Professor for Environmental Economics, Sustainability and Inequality) and Professor Annette Scheersoi (Vice Rector for Sustainability).


The agenda again featured some tried-and-tested event formats too in the shape of Students for Future Bonn’s Public Climate School and Healthy Campus Bonn’s Healthy Campus Week. There was something to suit every taste, from a climate-based pub quiz to a sustainable city tour and health challenges.

Missed the events in Nachhaltiger November? No problem! You can expect another set of fantastic hands-on activities all about sustainability in the “Fairer Februar” campaign month.

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