Counseling and Qualification for Teachers

Support for Teachers

The course design services provided by the University are based on a belief that the design and ongoing improvement of courses and personal teaching skills is a self-directed process, and the services provided by the University should assist and promote this process. These primarily consist of qualification courses that provide suggestions, guidance and methods for developing personal teaching approaches and also increase the exchange of information between teachers. Infrastructure, ranging from teaching/study spaces and work materials all the way to digital technologies, is another important factor.


The eCampus team offers services in the field of eLearning: From setting up an eCampus course and providing learning content to recording events and electronic exams.

Bonn Center for Higher Education (BZH)

The BZH supports teachers in the design of digitally supported teaching, offers numerous qualification programs for teachers as well as tutors and mentors, and provides individual advice on questions of teaching concepts.

"Virtual Collaboration" (ViCo)

"Virtual Collaboration" (ViCo) strengthens and supports the future-oriented further development of teaching at the University of Bonn. ViCo supports the further development and supplementation of teaching and forms of study. Our offers are directed at all faculties, departments as well as teachers and students university-wide.

Bonn University and State Library (ULB)

The ULB supports teachers and students, for example, in making available digitized material from its collections, provides training in the possibilities of digital literature management, and promotes exchange on issues of the digital humanities.

Media Technology Service

Department 4's Event Management advises and supports teaching room representatives and instructors on questions regarding media technology design options, the use and maintenance of existing systems, and specific needs for individual events, both small and large.

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