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Corporate Design

The University of Bonn is a University of Excellence based on the strength of its research. It uses a corporate design (CD) to create a uniform visual appearance. The CD creates a distinctive profile for the University, strengthens public perception and promotes internal, external, local, regional and international recognition.

Mandatory CD 

Consistent use of the CD in all channels of communication strengthens the “University of Bonn” brand to the benefit of everyone and is therefore mandatory.
The corporate design was revised and modernized prior to the University's 200th anniversary in 2017 as part of the University's Strategy of Excellence.

The cover page of the CD Manual with the University of Bonn logo is shown.
© Uni Bonn
The University of Bonn logo in blue, gray and yellow.
© Uni Bonn


The logo presents an abstract picture of the baroque tower on the University's main building. This, combined with clear forms and modern fonts, symbolizes the start of a new, modern era for the University of Bonn and reflects its self-image as a confident, modern, internationally oriented and excellent university.

Permission is required for external use of the University of Bonn logo. Please contact Katja Dynewski (see below) for this purpose.


The Corporate Design Manual defines key elements, such as the logo, color schemes and typography. It provides guidelines for a wide variety of communication measures that must be implemented whenever the University's visual appearance is presented. The specifications provide sufficient leeway for creativity and allow faculties, institutes and other areas of the University the freedom to develop their own designs.

A collage shows various products on which the corporate design of the University of Bonn can be seen. These are, for example, brochures or vehicles with stickers.
© Uni Bonn

Important Downloads

The Corporate Design Manual is available for download.  
Two zip files are also available for the standard and white University logos. 


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