A Modern University with a Living Tradition
Introducing the University of Bonn

About the University of Bonn

As one of only eleven Universities of Excellence in Germany, we are the only of our peers with six Clusters of Excellence. Recent decades have seen us produce more winners of the Nobel Prize and Fields Medal than any other German university. The University of Bonn has a 200-year history of combining excellent research in a range of disciplines with research-led teaching.

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Why the University of Bonn?

There are many good reasons to study, research or work at the University of Bonn. We would like to present the most important.

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Our Vision

What values drive us? What vision animates us at the University of Bonn?

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Facts and Figures

We are one of the largest universities in Germany; here are the most important facts and figures about us.

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With a strong track record in research, the University of Bonn is embedded in a number of local, regional and international networks. Find out more here.

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Our Locations

The University of Bonn is housed in some 350 buildings in and outside Bonn. Here are some of the most important locations.

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Sustainable University

The University of Bonn is dedicated to working towards a sustainable future. Find out more about our contribution to this goal.

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Healthy Campus

Seeking to look after the wellbeing of its staff, the University of Bonn launched its “Healthy Campus” University Health Management Strategy.

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