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Hotline for University members located in crisis zones

Members of the University who are experiencing personal distress as a result of acts of war or because they have become a refugee can contact the International Office via the hotline +49 228 73-5544 or by sending an email to

Division 6 – International Office

The International Office coordinates the international activities of the University of Bonn, and acts as the central point of contact for international students and researchers – before, during and after their time at the University. It also provides support to students and researchers of the University of Bonn in all issues relating to international mobility and cooperation.

Prospective students

The Student Registry is the first point of contact for all international students regarding all interdisciplinary administrative questions about studying at the University of Bonn.


Poppelsdorfer Allee 49
2nd Floor
53115 Bonn (Germany)


The International Office provides counseling and support for international students and doctoral students for any organizational questions they face related to their studies and stay in Bonn.

International Service Point

+49 228 73-5544


Poppelsdorfer Allee 53
53115 Bonn (Germany)

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 08:00 am - 04:00 pm

Director’s Office

The director’s office manages the International Office, coordinating its various activities and organizing the requisite resources for measures and projects. Working closely with the Vice Rector for International Affairs, the director’s office is also responsible for the strategic internationalization of the University of Bonn.

Avatar Fuchs-Bodde

Dr. Katharina Fuchs-Bodde

Avatar Reykers

Andrea Reykers

Assistance to the Director

Our Responsibilities

The International Office works to address all the aspects of internationalization, from the provision of advice services to students and staff at the University of Bonn and those from our partner institutions visiting the University. This ranges from the provision of German courses to advice on funding and exchange programs and on strategic questions pertaining to the development of international mobility and cooperation.

International Study Programs in Bonn

Our work in this area relates to issues ranging from the provision of English-language teaching, double degree and exchange programs and a comprehensive range of advice for international students.

Learning German

German courses for international applicants, students and (visiting) researchers to extend and deepen existing skills.

Study and Internship Abroad

We provide advice, support and funding in all matters relating to scholarships for international study or internships.

Welcome Center for International Researchers

The Welcome Center provides advice and practical support to international researchers in preparation for and during their time in Bonn.

International Partnerships

We coordinate strategic partnerships and grant programs and provide advice and support in the establishment and expansion of programs of international cooperation.

Central Translation Service

A service for all members of the University providing support through the translation of texts from German to English and the correction of texts drafted in English.

Partnerships and International Researchers

Section 6.1 is tasked with the coordination of the strategic partnerships maintained by the University of Bonn, administering inter-faculty cooperation agreements with more than 70 partner universities world-wide and the provision of advice to the faculties and institutes in the establishment and development of international research cooperation agreements. The section also hosts the Welcome Center, the central service center for international researchers.

Avatar Odenthal

Tina Odenthal

Head of Section
Avatar Müller

Juliana Müller

Office Manager

International Outbound Mobility

Section 6.2 provides advice, information and support to students and doctoral students hoping to study or complete an internship abroad, especially within the framework of the Erasmus+, Global Exchange and PROMOS exchange programs. Within the Erasmus program, the section also facilitates the international mobility of academic and administrative staff. The Certificate of Intercultural Competence offered by the section is a qualification focusing on intercultural training, international working practices and language skills.

Avatar Rübbert

Stefanie Rübbert

Head of Section
Avatar Scharf

Hannah Scharf

Deputy Head of Section
Avatar Timpernagel

Christina Timpernagel

Deputy Head of Section

International Students and Study Programs

Section 6.3 coordinates all work relating to the social and cultural integration of international students and doctoral students at the University. This is a key to academic success. The main tasks of the section include working on measures to internationalize degree programs in Bonn, providing advice and support to other sections working with incoming international students and supporting the development of English-language degree programs and international double degree programs. This section also provides advice and support to refugees considering an application for a place on a degree program.

Avatar Müller

Christine Müller

Head of Section
Avatar Papel

Sandra Papel

Deputy Head of Section
Avatar Trachsel

Monique Trachsel

Deputy Head of Section

German as a Foreign Language

As part of the International Office, section 6.4 is tasked with providing German language training and advice on all aspects on this issue. This includes the organization, realization and provision of advice regarding the German Language Proficiency Test for Admission to Higher Education (DSH).

Avatar Lax-Küten

Dr. Andrea Lax-Küten

Head of Section
Avatar Scholtysek

Isabelle Scholtysek

Deputy Head of Section

The Central Unit

The Central Unit supports the University of Bonn in performing the central topics of internationalization such as the participation of the University in university rankings and matters of bilinguality, and coordinates the inter-sectional processes within the International Office.

Avatar Brodersen

Olaf Brodersen

Head of Unit
Avatar Schaefer

Olivia Schaefer

Deputy Head of Unit
Avatar Reykers

Andrea Reykers

Division Administration Office

Project Office for the European University Network NeurotechEU

The Project Office is responsible for coordinating the European university alliance NeurotechEU, the European University of Brain and Technology, at the University of Bonn. Its tasks include managing student, teacher and staff mobility, steering all scientific activities and offering courses in German as a foreign language.

Avatar Monreal

Dr. Sarah Monreal

Head of Project Office
Avatar Loos

Sina Loos

Deputy Head of Project Office


International Office


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