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At the core of this Transdisciplinary Research Area is mathematics, which provides a universal tool and language for all quantitative sciences. Mathematics evolves by exploration and curiosity about its inherent structures and by new questions arising in science and technology. The central challenge for computer science lies in improving data-driven methods for the creation of intelligent models of complex systems. Combining such data-driven models with classical mathematical modelling will drive progress in computation. One of the goals is to learn models from data; both models of an environment as well as models of a system that operates in the environment. This is possible using either mathematical modeling and/or data-driven methods. Importantly, models have to be comprehensible or explainable by users.

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The TRA 1 Modeling deliberately addresses a broad, open spectrum of transdisciplinary topics. Besides the traditional cooperation of Bonns economists and mathematicians, topics of the Interdisciplinary Research Units Mathematics and life sciences (HCM), i.e., research cooperatives within mathematics, medicine and life science, have to be mentioned. Further examples are the cooperation between the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics with IBM for more than 30 years as well as the associated research area „combinatorial optimization, complexity, and chip design“ at the interface of mathematics, computer science and engineering or the SFB 1060 - The Mathematics of Emergent Effects at the interface of mathematics and physics. Besides the established cooperatives, we consciously support new, innovative cooperatives such as cooperative research projects within geodesy, computer science and mathematics or at the interface of economics and computer science.

News: research in the TRA
Pfizer Poster Prize for Covid19-Modelling

Mathematical Epidemiologist Elba Raimundéz won the Pfizer Poster Prize for Covid19-Modelling at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology. Her work addresses the limitations of publicly available case numbers for epidemiological modeling demonstrated on data of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. This work motivated another collaborative research initiative on parameter and prediction uncertainties, which is currently funded by the TRA Modelling.

Funded Projects

Current funding takes place for projects at the interfaces of geodesy and computer sciences, mathematics and life sciences/medicine, economics and computer sciences, as well as mathematics, computer sciences and linguistics.

Funding for Initiatives (by AD)

  • "CiliaQ, Digitalization of software applications"; Contact: Prof. Dagmar Wachten
  • "Transdisciplinary research portfolio, uncertainty quantification, and robust decisions - Initiating a transdisciplinary research program"; Contact: Prof. Philipp Eisenhauer (Koordinator), Prof. Jan Hasenauer, JProf. Lena Janys, Dr. Daniel Oeltz & Dilan Pathirana, PhD

Start-up Funding for Projects (by AD):

  • „Algorithmic Data Analytics for Geodesy”; Contact: Prof. Petra Mutzel & Prof. Jan-Henrik Haunert
  • „Establishment of computational methods for spatially-resolved deep profiling of biological tissues”; Contact: Prof. Jan Hasenauer, Prof. Michael Hölzel & Prof. Marieta Toma
  • „UNCOVer: Uncertainty Quantification of COVID-19 Epidemiological Models”; Contact: Dr. Dilan Pathirana & Elba Raimúndez Álvarez
  • "Naproche - Natural Language Proof Checking" / "Naproche for Teaching"; Contact: Prof. Peter Koepke
  • "Assessing the separate and synergistic effects of amyloid and tau on human brain activity using a computational model of brain oscillations"; Contact: Dr. Xenia Kobeleva
  • "Practical Characterization of Self-Assembling Optical Systems by Joint Forward and Inverse Modelling"; Contact: Prof. Matthias Hullin
  • "MaxCut & Binary Quadratic Programming"; Contact: Dr. Sven Mallach

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