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Inventions and Patents

The University of Bonn generates a steady stream of groundbreaking research results. Patented inventions are important for successfully introducing these innovations to the market. As a member of the University of Bonn, the Transfer Center will help you to identify, evaluate and protect the economic potential of your research and advise you on the details of this process. In principle, the University of Bonn follows the goals and the activities derived from its patent strategy.

The NRW University IP Network offers free workshops and training courses on the subject of intellectual property (IP).

The perfect introduction to the world of intellectual property and property rights: With the IP e-learning course "IP-Fuehrerschein" (in German), PROvendis GmbH, in cooperation with the ITM (State Competence Center in NRW in the field of information, telecommunications and media law at the University of Münster), offers a free and unique nationwide digital training opportunity on all aspects of intellectual property (IP).

Assessment of Inventions

We assess your invention’s level, also in regard to the industrial applicability. Starting with the invention disclosure to us, taking the decision to file a patent and later execute IP licensing deals, we closely work with PROvendis GmbH, the patent servicer for NRW universities. Our IP (Intellectual Property) consultants answer general and personal questions from inventors concerning the Employee Invention Act (Arbeitnehmererfindergesetz), industrial property rights and the economic exploitation of research and development results, such as: Will the invention application be granted; and to what extent?

 An invention is a creative achievement that solves a technical problem. It has to satisfy several requirements to be granted a patent. It must be new, that is, not known in the current state of the art, which includes all written and oral publications — even your own. It must be based on an inventive step and go far beyond the prevailing technology known. And it must be applicable in some field of industry.

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Applying for Patents

enaCom will advise you on the patent application process and help you to prepare the invention disclosure. We prepare a strategy for the utilization of each invention. A variety of possibilities exist for the commercialization of university patents, such as licensing agreements, maintaining the patent to raise third party funding, or starting your own business.

There is some information we need before we can prepare your invention disclosure. We use the information to determine the ownership of the invention, to correctly identify the inventors to be put on a patent application, and to assess the scope of patent protection, which in turn affects the opportunities for exploitation. Please complete this questionnaire and sent it to our IP consultant (contact information below).

Benefits of a Patent

Publications are very important within the academic research community. But think about patenting before submitting a publication as you risk the chances of getting a patent granted. It is therefore very important to talk to us, submit an invention disclosure in order to protect you against this risk. The patent owner is granted the exclusive right to exploit the invention for a maximum period of 20 years. This protects innovative products and processes against imitation by competitors.

 Industrial property rights — in particular patents — are therefore essential for the economic success of a technical innovation. They are also often used to raise third party funding. Patents act as a signal that research is being performed in a particular field and that the corresponding know-how exists.

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Software increasingly forms the basis for marketable products and services. At the University of Bonn, too, many start-ups are currently emerging in the field of IT-based services. Innovative ideas are just as much in demand here as in all other technical areas. However, when it comes to the question of intellectual property and its protection, a major difference becomes apparent: In contrast to conventional technical inventions, software often cannot be meaningfully protected via patents; here, the focus is rather on copyright. For a quick consultation we need some information in advance. This enables us to check who is entitled to the copyright as well as the exploitation right and who holds further rights to this software. Please fill out this questionnaire and send it to our IP consultants (contact below).


new patent applications on average per year


patent exploitation deals on average per year


to 3 years for patent proceedings on average

Technologies at the University of Bonn

Some of the inventions based on the excellent research performed at the University of Bonn are presented here. The patented innovations were selected from a variety of technology areas. All of the technologies were evaluated and are exploited by PROvendis GmbH based on economic and patent criteria.

Energy and Environmental Technology

Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technologies represent the University’s important contribution to the creation of a sustainable future.


Improved product quality, larger production quantities or new materials –  University of Bonn offers innovative solutions from all areas of mechanical engineering.

Process Engineering

Innovative solutions and technologies are needed to optimize process engineering in a variety of application areas.

Research Materials

Research materials such as antibodies, cell lines, mouse models and vectors help achieve groundbreaking research in a variety of fields.


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