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The University of Bonn is a public university, meaning that it does not charge tuition; it also free to apply for admission. All students must, however, pay the so-called social contribution (or semester fee) once per semester, the amount of which is democratically agreed on by student representatives. In addition, each student will face individual living expenses for rent, food, telephone/internet, learning materials, leisure activities, etc. More information on this can be found in the Financing Options section.

Semester fee

Students at the University of Bonn must pay a social contribution every semester, the amount of which is democratically agreed on by student representatives. Over half of the semester fee is used to finance student transit passes. Around one third goes to the Studierendenwerk, which, for example, is involved in maintaining the canteens, providing accommodation for students or organizing educational support/grants. Smaller amounts go to the General Students’ Committee (AStA), student councils and University Sports. Student social services and assistance funds are also supported.

SuSe 24 WiSe 24/25
TOTAL per semester (half-year) 298,06 € 313,16 €
Student self-administration   14,00 € 14,00 €
Social services for students 0,50  € 0,50  €
Allowance for student councils 2,75 € 2,25  €
Support fund for students in need
0,01 € 0,01 €
University Sports

0,80 € 0,80 €
Culture pass 3,00 € 3,00 €
Deutschlandsemesterticket 176,40 € 176,40 €
Special account for mobility fee refunds 0,60 € 0,50 €
Contribution to the Studierendenwerk 100,00 € 115,00 €

The semester fee may be waived in part in cases of social hardship. For further information, please refer to the Financial Regulations of the Student Body (see Legal below) and the  General Students' Committee website (AStA). You’ll also find the contact person in charge there. Since the semester fee is collected within the framework of student self-administration, the Student Registry cannot provide any information about this. 

In the event of a leave of absence due to illness or a stay abroad, the student contribution can also be reduced.

Cross-registered students, auditors and continuing education students are subject to different fees.

Other fees

Leave of absence

The reduced semester fee during a leave of absence in winter semester 2024/2025 is € 21.26.

Cross-registered students and auditors

  • The ‘partial’ cross-registration category is charged € 100.00 per semester
  • The ‘full’ cross-registration category is not subject to the semester fee.
  • Auditors: 
    The general fee totals € 100.00 per semester

Continuing education students

pay a semester fee totaling € 115.00. Insofar as proactive application is made for membership in the student body, the alternate semester fee is of € 136.26 must be paid. In case of questions, please contact the degree program coordinators.

Living expenses

Alongside the semester fee, living expenses can be expected and must be accounted for in student finances. Average monthly living expenses in Bonn total: 

Rent  410 €
Food 198 €
Clothing 46 €
Transportation (car) 89 €
Health care costs 100 €
Communication 31 €
Leisure 65 €
Learning material 31 €

Source:The 22nd DSW/DZHW Social Survey (2023)

Study financing and support

“How can I fund my studies?” is an important and occasionally decisive question. Financing of studies has come to represent a daunting challenge. Listed below are some means of financial assistance that may serve as a complement or alternative to parental support.


The Agency for Educational Assistance (“Amt für Ausbildungsförderung”) of the Studierendenwerk Bonn is responsible for giving advice and support for BAföG applications.


Talented, socially engaged students can apply for scholarships to provide financial and non-material support for their studies.


It is also possible to take a loan to finance one’s studies. Educational and study loans offer flexible repayment schedules at beneficial conditions.


The University of Bonn regularly posts employment openings in a wide range of fields. Our job portal contains job offerings from both the University and other institutions and companies.

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