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Co-Working for Founders

Many start-ups and project teams swear by this new way to work. Different founders share the office areas in a co-working space. You can concentrate on your work, meet like-minded people and benefit from the experience and knowledge of others. Our co-working spaces are places where knowledge transfer from the University and entrepreneurship are lived and made possible in practice.

Space at the University of Bonn

Are you starting a start-up project? Why not try an office in a co-working space? The Transfer Center enaCom operates two locations for projects and start-ups to use. There are offices on Brühler Straße that can be used in the pre-start-up phase before and during the funding periods (link), e.g. EXIST. The enaCom start-up coaches offer a wide range of coaching to help these projects on the way to form a start-up and work next door to you in the co-working space. You can attend workshops to learn more about entrepreneurship. We offer fully furnished offices, together with a kitchenette and large meeting rooms.

 In addition to these offices, the University sets up new co-working spaces with Digital Hub Region Bonn AG right opposite the central station in Bonn. The space is around 1,000 square meters in size and provides 30 co-working spaces for University of Bonn start-ups in the first stage. WLAN and workplaces with displays and keyboards are available for the teams. There are phone booths, meeting rooms and event spaces for shared use.

Interior at Urban Soul at Bonn's main train station.
Interior at Urban Soul at Bonn's main train station. © DIGITALHUB.DE
Founders meeting in office kitchen.
© colourbox

Why Co-Working?

Co-working is more than just “working.” The “co” stands for networking and making contacts. Value is placed on an open, accessible atmosphere that promotes communication between different disciplines and industries. Those conversations around the coffee machine are just what is needed to help solving problems. In a co-working space, you can easily network with other start-ups and share concentrated knowledge through networking, events and workshops.

 Help from other co-workers is just one of the benefits of working together in a shared office space. The fact that many people use the equipment in a co-working space saves money for each of them and also helps the environment. Co-working also offers flexibility with respect to workplace scheduling and size, which means you can quickly add members to your team. And all the office infrastructure needed for working is already there. You can start right away.


co-working spaces at the Urban Soul


start-up teams in Brühler Straße


square meters in Urban Soul


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