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Workshops and Coachings

Our advisors regularly put on workshops and coaching for prospective and current students on issues relating to their studies and to help them fine-tune their study skills. We support you in making independent decisions, coach you in developing your personal competences and help you build personal resources.

Courses for prospective students

If you don’t yet know what you want to study and are looking for guidance and useful tools to help you make a decision, we have the right workshops for you.

Abitur – What’s Next?

Some things are easier to explore when discussing them in a group. The two-day workshop “Abitur – What’s Next?” is intended for upper-level high school students who want to engage in guided discussions about their future together.  You will learn to systematically explore your interests, abilities and aspirations. You will take a test (Explorix) that can support you in your self-exploration. You will get tips on the most important resources for information on choosing degree programs and careers.

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Academic Orientation short workshop

In our two-hour short workshop on “Academic Orientation,” participants explore various questions to help them decide what and where to study. Working in small groups, students and advisors at the University of Bonn get together to discuss possible orientation activities that can help them make structured academic choices. Aside from exchanging helpful information, the workshop also includes conversations that encourage participants to reflect on their own abilities, interests and aspirations.

Academic orientation walk

Are you a student in your final years at high school who’s wondering whether they’d like to go to university and what to study? And, if so, what subjects the University of Bonn even teaches? And are you also keen to get an idea of what the University’s like – ideally live and up close? Then we have something suitable for you, despite the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic: on a fall walk from the University’s main building to the Poppelsdorf Campus, we will give you a brief “glimpse from the outside” into the University of Bonn and tell you about your study options and potential subjects in a series of short chats.

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Group consultation for Medicine

In the online group consultation, the Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service team will tell you how to apply, how places are allocated and how the admission procedure works for studying Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Bonn (for students who obtained a German university entrance qualification). You will also be able to ask your own questions.

Services for students

Being a university student can be very challenging. We are here to help you master this period in your life successfully by offering regular workshops and coaching sessions that cover topics such as learning strategies, exam preparation, time management, increasing self-esteem, study prospects, reorientation during your studies as well as transitioning into a master’s degree program or work environment. 

Learning Strategies and More

First-year students in particular often find that learning at school and learning at university are two very different matters. In your final years of high school, you were told what to learn and possibly experienced guided learning settings. Learning at university, by contrast, requires a high degree of independence and self-organization. The workshop introduces participants to different learning methods and helps them develop individual strategies for different situations of learning.

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Time Management

Sounds familiar? The first exams in your degree program are just round the corner, your head is full of learning and you have hardly any time left for the pleasant things in life? Are you lacking structure and finding it hard to get down to work or set the right priorities? Then come along to our “Time Management” workshop.

I Am Worth It! Improving Your Self-Esteem

Are you familiar with self-doubts and insecurities? Are you often self-critical? Are your high expectations of yourself setting you up for unhappiness? When comparing yourself to others, do you often think of yourself as inferior?

If you feel that these or similar patterns of thinking and behavior are holding you back in your (student) life and if you have the sense that you are keeping yourself from achieving your goals, this three-part workshop might be just the thing for you.

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Arts Work! Workshop for Bachelor of Arts students

Are you studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree and keen to discuss topics related to your studies with fellow students and Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service staff? Would you like to join others in contemplating what studying humanities across disciplines is all about, and what the underlying mindset is? Reflecting on the benefits of orientation during your studies and beyond is also part of the workshop, as well as working out which skills you can acquire or improve during your studies.

Mastering Examinations Successfully

This coaching will help you develop and practice individual coping strategies to support you in stressful exam situations and with exam anxiety.

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Doubts About Your Studies – How to Find out What Matches Your Goals

Over the course of their studies, most students at some point have doubts over whether they have chosen the right field of study. To find out about possible alternatives – or whether your current program of study is even still the right one for you – it is crucial to be aware of your own abilities, interests and values. In this workshop, participants explore their own competences, interests and values. Another goal is to engage with one’s own ideas about possible future careers. 

Simply connect!

New at the University of Bonn? Have you studied (almost) exclusively online so far? Want to meet new people? With “Simply connect,” you can get to know fellow students and find friends for life or – think big – maybe even the love of your life.

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Master’s or no Master’s: What’s Next After the Bachelor’s?

A workshop offered by the Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service

You are nearing the end of your bachelor’s studies. This workshop provides you with an overview of the various options you may pursue after you finish your bachelor’s degree. The goal is to empower you to make an informed decision for or against pursuing a master’s degree. 


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Be it in a brief consultation or an individual counseling session – we will take your concerns seriously and discuss them with you in an open, unbiased way. 

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In personal meetings, our counselors offer (preventive) advice regarding psychological concerns, insecurities or problems that negatively impact your quality of life or academic success.

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