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Research Contracts

Central Unit and Research Contracts will advise you on all legal matters related to research and transfer projects.
We will assist you with preparing and negotiating research and transfer-related contracts.
Please submit your research or transfer-related contracts to us for signing.

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Good contractual practice: What needs to be considered for all research and transfer contracts.

If a new collaborative project has been approved, regardless of whether funding will be provided by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the EU or other funding providers, or an industrial partner has approached you with a proposal for collaboration, or funds for a German Research Foundation (DFG) project need to be transferred, contracts are needed in all these cases and others.
What standards apply to all contracts?

Contract Standards

The contracting party is always the University of Bonn, which will act on behalf of its faculties, institutes, professors and Central Research Institutes.

Contracts are jointly negotiated by the researchers and the Research Contracts unit. We will closely coordinate with you in order to achieve the best possible results from a research and legal point of view based on our sample contracts.

Our priority is to protect any prior knowledge you contribute and the right to publish project results. Allowances will nevertheless be made to maintain the confidentiality of information and project results that must be kept secret. We will find an appropriate balance of interests with your project partners.

Contracts are always signed by the Director of Research and Innovation Services on behalf of the Provost. As project leader, you co-sign to acknowledge the contract. The Central Unit and Research Contracts must review contracts before they are signed, so please contact us as soon as possible with your draft contracts.

The funding required for a commercial project is calculated using market prices or full-cost accounting in accordance with European legal requirements. We would be happy to assist you with the funding calculation even before your first meeting or in the draft phase. This can help you avoid setting amounts too low, thereby leading to a deficit at the end of the project.

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The project plan is in place - but what happens next?

The project plan is written and the project costs are calculated. Who will now help me draw up the contract? We have compiled questions and answers about the procedure for negotiating research and transfer contracts for you below. 

More information

Our FAQs to Research contracts

Have you obtained third-party funding? Important documents and information are available here.


The Nagoya Protocol establishes mandatory rules for access to genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. 

Transfer Center enaCom

Support and advice on all issues relating to knowledge and technology transfer, start-up advice and patents.


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I will be happy to answer any legal questions you may have about your research contracts!

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