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Director's Office

Our management team coordinates the many central communications activities of the University of Bonn, develops communication concepts, acts as the media spokesperson for the University, and takes care of important strategic and policy matters.

Avatar Archut

Dr. Andreas Archut

Director / Press Officer

+49 228 73-7647

Avatar Sönksen

Nils Sönksen

Deputy Director / Deputy Press Officer / Editor for Strategic Communication

+49 228 73-5978

Avatar Schäper

Sabine Schäper

Director's Office

+49 228 73-7064

Scientific Editing

Scientific editing brings research to life for everyone. We prepare research results for public release in a form appropriate for the group being targeted, such as press releases, online news, tweets, articles for the University magazine and videos. We also advise researchers on public relations matters, inform the media about their scientific expertise and help the media find experts in the scientific community.

Avatar Seiler

Johannes Seiler

Science Editor

+49 228 73-4728

Avatar Ronge

Svenja Ronge

Science Editor

+49 228 73-4747

Avatar Eckert

Sebastian Eckert

Editor for university communication

+49 228 73-4740

Online Communications

We are responsible for maintaining the University's online-based communication channels, including in particular the central website, University of Bonn's intranet and social media channels. The 2video platform is also part of our remit. Editorial coordination for the website as well as the design, planning and implementation of web projects are also part of our broad range of responsibilities. We provide advice to University members on all web-related matters.

Avatar Herkenrath

Klaus Herkenrath

Museums and collections / Coordinator for

+49 228 73-9464

Avatar Heijnen

Vera-Lenn Heijnen

Online Editor

+49 228 73-5465

Avatar Keranidou

Litsa Keranidou

Online Editor / Social Media Manager

+49 228 73-5979

Avatar Zimmer

Lena Zimmer

Online Editor (English)

+49 228 73-5725

Corporate Design 

Our corporate design (CD) promotes high brand recognition for the University of Bonn. We provide advice on the implementation of applicable guidelines and answer questions relating to our CD.

Avatar Dynewski

Katja Dynewski

Corporate Design

+49 228 73-9594

Medicine Editor

We prepare press releases on a broad range of healthcare topics for  University Hospital Bonn. We bring media and medicine together and help find experts.

Avatar Väth

Inka Väth

Medicine Editor

+49 228 287-10596

Internal Communication

We want employees and students to always be up to date and to know what's new at our University. Whether it's information from the University management, news from the faculties or leisure tips for first-time students. We communicate what is important or worth knowing and show the people and stories behind our many projects.

Avatar Kühn-Söndgen

Tanja Kühn-Söndgen

Editor for internal communication

+49 228 73-6842

Photo Editing

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. That is why we use visual media to highlight our science and research. Our image database provides motifs for a wide variety of events and occasions. And if nothing suitable is available, we can arrange another photo session at the next opportunity.

Avatar Hübl

Gregor Hübl

Picture Editor

+49 228 73-7451

Video Editing

Moving images are now an integral part of the net. The University of Bonn itself produces video clips on various topics and communicates them multimedially on their own channel

Avatar Herkenrath

Klaus Herkenrath

Coordinator for

+49 228 73-9464

Student Assistants

What would we do without them? Our assistants help with tasks in a variety of areas. 

Avatar Mertes

Alexander Mertes

Student Assistant

+49 228 73-1991

Avatar Zimmermann

Laura Zimmermann

Student Assistant

+49 228 73-9580

Avatar Senftleben

Patrizia Senftleben

Student Assistant

+49 228 73-7064

Avatar Dupp

Verena Dupp

Student Assistant

+49 228 73-9580

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Division 8 - University Communications
Adenauerallee 72-74, 53113 Bonn


  • Monday to Friday
    9:00 am–5:00 pm

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