Master Change and Teamwork

Team Building & Process Support

If you need support with a particular process, want to run a team building exercise with your staff or are facing a major structural change in the near future, we can advise you and recommend suitable experts for your challenge.

We provide experts for teams and groups.

If you are in need of a professional moderator because, for example, you are looking to:

  • Make a fresh start with your team
  • Develop a strategy
  • Implement change processes
  • Raise your performance in your team
  • (Re-)define roles and responsibilities
  • Optimize interfaces and overarching cooperation
  • Improve communication and relationships within your team
  • Improve team health and work/life balance
  • Strengthen cooperation in an intercultural, interdisciplinary team

We can advise you and recommend suitable experts from our pool.

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Organizational Development

Support with designing workflows, organizing interfaces and mastering change processes.

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Managing and Leadership

Support with leadership matters: team building, staff appraisals, training measures and much more besides.

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Advice and Coaching

Advice and coaching to help you tackle your individual challenges in both your professional and personal life.

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Susanne Brandt

Technical and Administrative Staff
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Petra Best

Research Staff

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Human Resource Development

Advice, training and coaching for the next steps in your career.


Language courses, e-learning and in-house training for your continuing personal development.


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