Guiding Principles in Studying and Teaching

The Teaching Profile of the University of Bonn

As a fully-fledged classic university of the arts and sciences, the University of Bonn is dedicated to conducting research and teaching in a wide range of academic disciplines. Committed to maintaining the unity of research and teaching, the University works to stimulate academic interest in young people, thereby helping them develop their individual potential and personality. The University of Bonn is a space in which new knowledge is generated, taught and passed on to the next generation of stakeholders in the modern knowledge society. The overall orientation of studying and teaching at the University keeps the following principles:

  1. Curriculum development is led by transparent aims specific to each degree program. These aims reflect the identity of the University as a venue for the qualification of the thinkers and strivers of tomorrow.

  2. The University promotes the systematic development of modern research and skills-oriented teaching. This includes a commitment to introducing students to the cutting-edge research conducted at the University of Bonn at the earliest possible opportunity.

  3. The curricula which we provide together with the guidance and inspiration imparted to individual students empowers them to develop their own unique qualification profile and prepare themselves for the individual challenges which they wish to meet.
  4. Equal opportunity and participation in studying and teaching are key elements of the community which assembled at the University of Bonn.  The parity of esteem accorded to all members of the University and the gender equality and family-friendly conditions nurtured in our community of learning is a matter of central importance to us.

  5. We seek to equip our graduates to academic thought and action, thereby qualifying them for entry into the international knowledge system and the borderless world of work.  The University maintains an international focus to its research and teaching.

  6. The City of Bonn is a symbol of the peaceful democratization of West Germany after 1945; the university of this city understands democracy as the central bedrock of academic freedom.

  7. Inspired by the presence in Bonn of the United Nations and its pioneering work in the area of sustainability, the University seeks to give all its students the opportunity to engage with a range of sustainability issues in its studying and teaching operations.

  8. The research conducted at the University is reflected in the teaching that it provides. We seek to shape our curricula in such a way as to provide students with the option to develop their skills in the areas of our expertise, without being hemmed in by the boundaries of academic disciplines.

  9. The University of Bonn deploys interdisciplinary degree programs as an important element in the generation and teaching of new, socially-relevant knowledge.

  10. The University maintains a culture of continual reflection on the degree programs which it provides, in terms of the contents, quality and organization of their curricula. This represents the basis for effective, specialist quality assurance in teaching and is a prerequisite to satisfying superordinate external and internal requirements.
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