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Student Orientation Weeks

During “Student Orientation Weeks,” many universities in North Rhine-Westphalia invite high school students to visit their campuses, learn more about what it’s like to study there, and benefit from special advising opportunities. The University of Bonn is part of this state-wide program every year, offering a diverse range of services and events.

Registration and dates


From 13 January to 9 February 2024

General Program

What can I study at the University of Bonn? How do I apply for admission and how can I finance my studies? Advisors of the University’s Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service will be available to answer these and many other questions.

In our two-hour “Academic Orientation” workshops, participants explore various questions to help them decide what and where to study. Working in small groups, students and counselors of the University of Bonn get together to discuss possible orientation activities that can help them make structured academic choices. This involves not only an exchange of information but also conversations that help students reflect on their own abilities, interests and preferences.

As part of the Student Orientation Weeks, the University of Bonn’s Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service (ZSB) offers open consultations especially for high school students interested in university studies. These one-on-one counseling sessions can cover everything you need to know about choosing a field of study, orientation opportunities, financing your studies, academic programs, application and enrollment, and many other topics.

Some degree programs offer taster lectures to give you a better idea of what your future program of study is all about.

Explore the University of Bonn from the comfort of your own home! Of course, there is no way to replace the real world and your personal impressions, but our tour from campus to campus is an interactive opportunity for you to get to know the University and learn some interesting facts about studying here. Spoiler alert: You do not have to take this virtual tour all by yourself. We are curious to see which tour guide you choose. 

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Contact and organization

Avatar Habermann

Ina Habermann

Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service
Avatar Herrmann

Kathrin Herrmann

Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service
Avatar Ruwoldt-Schwerin

Dr. Lena Ruwoldt-Schwerin

(currently on maternal leave)

Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service


This student orientation program is part of standard element SBO 9.2.3 of the “Kein Abschluss ohne Anschluss (KAoA)” initiative.
The State Ministry for Schools and Education of North Rhine-Westphalia supports Student Orientation Weeks as a recognized career orientation program.

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