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The University of Bonn is big, with hundreds of institutes, departments, clinics, libraries, lecture halls and central units spread all over the city. Take a look around the Palace of the Prince-Elector and discover the students’ favorite spots. You can do all this from Bonn itself or wherever in the world you are.

The Actionbound app lets you discover the University in a fun way. One Bound is even available in English too!

Simply download the Actionbound app from your app store, search “Uni Bonn” and off you go. You can either download the tours in advance or take them “live” using your phone’s data allowance.

A group of young people laughing as they enter the University Main Building through a side entrance.
© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

City Campus West

The City Campus is right in the heart of Bonn. Many of our institutes, departments, libraries, museums and central units as well as the Schlosskirche church can be found here, clustered around the University Main Building. Take a look at a student café and the Hofgarten cafeteria too. This Bound and the City Campus East Bound will show you everything that’s in, on and round about the City Campus.

Young people in front of the ULB library entrance.
© Barbara Frommann/Uni Bonn

City Campus East

Our City Campus has even more to offer, including aesthetically appealing chip design, prestigious degree programs and thought-provoking architecture. And don’t forget the University’s largest library: the Bonn University and State Library, or USL.

Aerial view of the Endenich Campus
© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

Endenich Campus 

There’s a lot going on in Endenich. The Endenich Campus hosts institutes and departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences such as Chemistry and Pharmacy as well as space for technology units and start-ups. Besides these many institutes and departments, you’ll also discover a number of student dormitories on your walk.

A group of young people striding purposefully across the lawn on Poppelsdorfer Allee, with Poppelsdorf Palace in the background.
© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

Poppelsdorf Campus 

Take a stroll across the Poppelsdorf Campus with its new lecture hall center. This is where the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Agriculture are based. What a contrast between the state-of-the-art buildings on one hand and Poppelsdorf Palace and the Gründerzeit-era buildings around the corner on the other! See for yourself.

A group of young people striding purposefully across the Hofgartenwiese, with the University Main Building (Electoral Palace) in the background.
© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

From Palace to Palace

The University of Bonn boasts not one but two palaces: the spacious Electoral Palace in the city center and the baroque Poppelsdorf Palace with its Botanic Gardens. The two are linked by the majestic Poppelsdorfer Allee. Find out in this Bound which institutes, departments and units you will see on a walk from palace to palace.

Ein Tag als Studi
© Anne Catherine Friedsam / Uni Bonn

A Day as a Student

Always wanted to know what a typical day in a University student’s life looks like? Wondering whether Bonn is the right University for you? Then pick the “A Day as a Student” Bound and follow one of two students as you learn about the daily routine at the University of Bonn (this bound is also available in English).

Ausschnitt der Startseite des Junge Uni Lexikons
© Bosse + Meinhard / Uni Bonn

Youth University glossary quiz (Junge Uni-Lexikon Quiz)

Have you seen our Youth University glossary yet? If not, you’ll find it here. If so, fantastic! Why not test your knowledge of the University’s lingo, terminology and quirks in our Youth University glossary quiz?

The quiz comes in several versions, so it can be enjoyed by various age groups.


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