Expert Commercial Facility Management

Welcome to Commercial Facility Management

The topic sections below describe our many areas of responsibility. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

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Key Responsibilities

  • Facilitymanagement (FM) Finances
  • Procurement management for Facilities Management
  • Central Contact
  • Administrative telephony
  • Contract Management
  • Energy and Water 
  • Rentals
  • CAFM-Team 
  • Central chemical supply (ZVE)

FM Finances

Controlling for Facilities Management, with a focus on: 

  • BLB-Rentals
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost calculation/planning
  • Controlling/budgeting
  • Recording building operating expenses

Procurement Management

  • Calls for proposals
  • Contract awards
  • Accounting

Central Contact

Central point of contact and receiving office for service requests for building services,
such as 

  • Fault resolution (troubleshooting)
  • Testing/maintenance/
  • Relocation/transport
  • Garden maintenance

Administrative Telephony

  • Landline charges
  • Cell phones
  • electronic phone book
  • Processing of public broadcasting fees (GEZ)

Contract Management/
Energy und Water

  • Energy purchasing
  • Energy controlling
  • Contract organization
  • Contract conclusion
  • Contract maintenance

Rentals (AuV)

Rental management

  • Conclusion and management of rentals
  • Receipt of fault reports for rental properties
  • Management of land registers and property taxes and charges

CAFM (Tool)

  • Provide support for the "Conject FM" tool (CAFM-System)
  • Assign authorizations
  • Record facilities
  • Record building plans
  • Prepare appraisals

Central Chemical Supply (ZVE)

  • Guaranteeing central chemical supply (ZVE)

Contact Information

Stefan Müller

Section Head

+49 228 73- 7727

Günter Schmitz

Deputy Section Head

+49 228 73-2848

Meike Freud-Raber


+49 228 73-5586

Postal adress

Abteilung 4.6 - Kaufmännische Liegenschaftsbetreuung
Belderberg 6
53111 Bonn

Organizational Chart

A PDF file showing the organizational structure of Commercial Facility Management is available here.


The following forms are available here in PDF format:

  • Request for funding approval
  • Notification of external use (rental)
  • Service request for repairs, construction, relocation
  • Authorization class for telephone and fax (end devices)
  • The following CAFM forms: 
    - Business partner entry
    - User application for the web portal
    - User application for Facilities
      Management conjectFM
    - Entry and change of personal data
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