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TRA Modelling supports your third-party application

Check out our TRA1-INSSA program to support your third-party grant application!

General Funding Lines 2022 TRA 1 Modelling (open deadline)

(Collaborative) Project Start-up grants

Focus: (Collaborative) research projects that fit into TRA 1 Modelling
Funding grants cover, for example, the cost for employing a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher who assists in preparing a third-party grant application, or other research needs such as software or material for your project.

Early career support: Project Start-up grants

Focus: research projects that fit into TRA 1 Modelling
Funding grants cover, for example, the cost for employing student assistants or a doctoral researcher who assists in preparing a third-party grant application, or other research needs such as software or material for your project.

Networking, Outreach & Transfer

Focus: Events/Activities to promote networking, outreach & transfer
Funding grants cover, for example, the cost for a conference, workshop or other events that promote science communication or outreach/transfer on topics that fit into the goals of TRA 1 Modelling.

Eligibility & application deadline

To be eligible for funding applications, you must be member of TRA 1 Modelling. Applications are possible at any time but depend on availability of funds. Also be aware of administrative foreruns!

Funding period & decision

Funding can be provided for 2022. Longer periods may be possible upon request. The TRA 1 Steering Committee will decide on acceptance, decisions are depending on the project content and availability of funds. 

How to apply

Please use the application form below and add a project description including a rough time schedule and financial plan. For further information on the procedure and application advice, it is recommended to contact the TRA Manager Julia Belau: or +49 (0) 151 221 406 26.


TRA1 Funds Application Form

Collaborative Research Award - "Mathematics, Modelling, and Simulation for the  Investigation of Climate Change"

The CRC 1502 “Regional Climate Change: Disentangling the Role of Land Use and Water Management” (CRC DETECT) and the Transdisciplinary Research Area “Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems” (TRA Modelling) are joining forces to address one of themost challenging problems in our understanding of climate change: Earth system modeling 
including economic/policy decisions and the objectives of climate modeling, climate impact research, and adaptation strategies. 

This Collaborative Research Award is designed for members of TRA Modelling with interest inthe abovementioned field, addressing concrete research projects with potential for future inclusion in the CRC DETECT.  

Contact for further information and application advice

Dr. Julia Belau

Manager TRA 1 Modelling

Phone (work:) +49 (0) 151-221-406-26


Collaboration: Platform & Activities

Collaboration Activities

promoted via Newsletter and Members-Listing

Ongoing/Future Collaboration Activities

  • TRA 1 Brownbag/PreDinner
  • HCM meets TRA 1 (jointly organized talks and events)
  • PostDoc NetworkDay "Collaborate beyond borders"

Past Collaboration Activities

  • Joint Symposium on Mathematics and Life Science 
  • Talk series (Ringvorlesung) "Mathematics meets Life Sciences and Medicine"

Support for events in the focus of TRA 1 Modelling: contact your TRA-management!



  • TRA 1 Brownbag/PreDinner Series
  • HCM meets TRA 1: jointly organized formats like Hausdorff Forum or TRA 1 Brownbag/PreDinner
  • Symposia, Workshops, Talk Series of special interest (e.g. Microfluencers Symposium)

General Assembly TRA 1

What? Invitation General Assembly TRA 1 Modelling on July 4, 4.p.m.

Special interest? News and offers from your TRA, Talk of our Argelander Professor Florian Brandl on “An Axiomatic Foundation for Approximate Nash Equilibrium”, Kick-off Collaborative Research Award “Mathematics, Modelling, and Simulation for the Investigation of Climate Change”.

Networking Event with CESOC

What? Jointly organized Networking Event with CESOC on July 8, 2022; starting at 5p.m.; location: Campus Poppelsdorf (Hörsaalzentrum/INS)

The Center for Earth System Observation and Computational Analysis (CESOC) and the TRA Modelling would like to invite you to an In-Person Networking Event in Bonn on Friday, 8 July 2022 at 17:00 CEST a seminar talk is given by Prof. Jan-Henrik Haunert on: "Combinatorial Optimization in Cartography and Geographical Information Science"
on Campus Poppelsdorf, Hörsaalzentrum (CP1-HSZ) in lecture hall (Hörsaal) 7, Endenicher Allee 19C, 53115 Bonn

From 18:00 CEST onwards snacks and drinks are organized to have a nice get-together and networking In-Person in front of Institute for Numerical Simulation (INS),
Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 7, 53115 Bonn (just next to the Hörsaalzentrum)

Everyone who feels part of CESOC or the TRA Modelling or would like to get to know more about each or both is cordially invited to join for the talk and the get-together. Please share with interested people.

OSE meets Industry

Flyer OSE Lecture Series 2022.JPG
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Microfluencers Symposium

The Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology  turns 50 this year! An ideal occasion to celebrate microbiological research with a scientific symposium themed "Microfluencers: from small organisms to global impact".

Interdisciplinary speakers from biology and physics will shed light on various important aspects of how microbial influencers shape our world. How can we address global problems such as climate change and antibiotic resistance or worldwide challenges such as global health and nutrition? The talks are tailored to an interdisciplinary audience and start at a lay scientific level and end with the latest results for experts.

© Endesfelder

Past Events

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