Acquiring Study Skills

Tackling a degree program means learning some completely new skills. Besides studying, however, it’s also important to take time out – something that isn’t always at all easy to fit into a packed course schedule. We have listed a few support services for you on this web page.

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The state of North Rhine-Westphalia’s portal provides you with online support during your studies:

Assess where you are in your studies or what you already know. Expand or consolidate your knowledge. Learn new things and skills. Find videos or audio material on the topics that interest you.

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This website lists a range of programs all about skills for mastering your studies, healthy options for taking time out, reorientation and (digital) tools for working in study groups.

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“Learning learning” film series

How do you structure a learning plan? How do you prepare for a tricky written exam? How do you cope with a deluge of study material? How do you plan your time when gearing up for exams? The “Learning learning” film series follows three students as they prepare for crucial exams as part of their degree program and demonstrates various ways of tackling and structuring a learning plan.

Contact information

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Lea Jenkner

Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service | Project Next Career

+49 228 73-5028

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Theresa Fabian

Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service | Project Next Career

+49 228 73-7921

Advice and support for students having doubts about their studies

Advice and support at the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn boasts an extensive network of counseling services with people to contact for a range of different issues. The following overview is intended to help find suitable advice for you.

External advisory services

Our external partners can advise you on dual degree programs, vocational training, career opportunities not requiring a university degree and much more. The following overview may help you find suitable advice.

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