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How hard can insects bite?
Scientists present a sensor system that can measure the bite force of insects
Congratulations to our graduates
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How hard can insects bite?

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Latest News
Zentrum für Versöhnungsforschung ceremonially opened

Covid-19, climate change, populism, and not least the Ukraine war make the question of how and whether reconciliation is possible highly topical and relevant. The new Bonner Zentrum für Versöhnungsforschung (Center for Reconciliation Research) at the University of Bonn bundles research on this topic in cooperation with partner organizations. The center’s aim is to analyze reconciliation practices in an interdisciplinary and comparative way looking at different cultural, social and regional contexts. The center has now been ceremoniously opened in the University's Festsaal.

Wulf Amelung is a new member of the Leopoldina

Special distinction for Wulf Amelung: the professor of soil science and soil ecology at the Institute of Crop Sciences and Resource Conservation (INRES) at the University of Bonn and director of the Institute of Agrosphere at Forschungszentrum Jülich has now been admitted to the Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences. Amelung is assigned to the Section of Agricultural and Food Sciences. 

“Making Science Tangible”

The Green Learning Workshop opened its doors in the University of Bonn’s Botanic Gardens. It is set to run age-appropriate programs that will enable children to discover the diversity of plant life in a fun way and embark on their own research projects. The learning workshop will be open all year round, come rain or shine, and will complement the activities of the Green School. Its premises were renovated and fitted out thanks to funding from the University of Bonn Foundation, the University of Bonn and numerous other supporters.

Research with a bite

How hard can insects bite? Having a strong chewing apparatus makes it easier to crush harder food and to succeed in fights with enemies. Biologists at the University of Bonn now present a mobile system (forceX) for measuring the bite forces of small animals, along with the software forceR to evaluate the data. This allows to understand how bite forces, for example of insects, evolved. The final version is now published in the journal "Methods in Ecology and Evolution".

Themenwoche "Zweifel am Studium?"
Digital und Präsenz
10:30 AM
Es erwarten Sie zahlreiche Angebote von universitätsinternen und -externen Unterstützer*innen rund um die Themen: Studienzweifel, Studiengang-/Hochschulwechsel ...
Podiumsrunde zur Themenwoche "Zweifel am Studium?"
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Bei der Podiumsrunde sprechen Expert*innen über die Themen Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten, Perspektiven und Alternativen bei Studienzweifel. Bei der Fragerunde ...
Online-Gruppenberatung Medizin
Online (Zoom)
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
In der Online-Gruppenberatung erklärt Ihnen das Team der Zentralen Studienberatung das Bewerbungs-, Vergabe- und Zulassungsverfahren (für ...
Terra incognita – Die unbekannte Erde neu entdecken
04:15 PM - 06:00 PM
Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Riedl, Professorin für christliche Gesellschaftslehre: Terra incognita – Die unbekannte Erde neu entdecken. Ein Sinnentwurf aus der ...


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