NRW state premier visits the Humanoid Robots Lab
"Science fiction becomes reality at the University of Bonn"
Two new cluster initiatives given green light to apply for funding!
Major Success for University of Bonn: Two new initiatives join existing six clusters in race for Excellence funding
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NRW state premier visits the Humanoid Robots Lab
Two new cluster initiatives given green light to apply for funding!
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The best minds have been able to develop their potential at the University of Excellence in Bonn for over 200 years. Find out more about our strategy in the competition for excellence. Discover our Transdisciplinary Research Areas. Get to know our cross-sectional tasks to improve equal opportunities and sustainability within the scientific community. Welcome to Bonn - welcome to the world.

Latest News
Long-term memory and lack of mental images

When people lack visual imagination, this is known as aphantasia. Researchers from the University Hospital Bonn (UKB), the University of Bonn and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) investigated how the lack of mental imagery affects long-term memory. They were able to show that changes in two important brain regions, the hippocampus and the occipital lobe, as well as their interaction, have an influence on the impaired recall of personal memories in aphantasia. The study results, which advance the understanding of autobiographical memory, have now been published online by the journal "eLife".

Robotics Research at the Highest International Level

The state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hendrik Wüst, visited the Humanoid Robots Lab at the University of Bonn on Thursday afternoon. Talks centered on current research projects in the field of robotics and the challenges associated with the use of robots in human environments. The state premier was able to enter virtual reality with a robot and watch a three-armed robot harvesting peppers.

False alarm of the immune system during muscle disease

Researchers at the University Hospitals of Dresden and Bonn of the DFG Transregio 237 and from the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2 at the University of Bonn have made progress clarifying why patients with myotonic dystrophy 2 have a higher tendency to develop autoimmune diseases. Their goal is to understand the development of the disease, and their research has provided new, potential therapeutic targets. The results of the study have now been published in the renowned journal "Nature Communications".

Artificial intelligence recognizes patterns in behaviour

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, the University Hospital Bonn and the University of Bonn have created an open-source platform known as A-SOiD that can learn and predict user-defined behaviors, just from video. The results of the study have now been published in the journal "Nature Methods".

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