Beethoven’s genome deciphered
International study offers clues to composer’s health and family history
Unifest 2023 Graduation Ceremony
Your graduation celebration in cap and gown is on July 8th
Leibniz Prize awarded
Last December mathematician Prof. Dr. Catharina Stroppel was selected to receive a Leibniz Prize endowed with 2.5 million euros.
Beethoven’s genome deciphered
Unifest 2023 Graduation Ceremony
Leibniz Prize awarded

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New ATLAS result weighs in on the W boson

The W boson is the mediator particle of the electroweak force. Discovered in the 1980s at CERN, its properties remain challenging to measure within the Standard Model of particle physics. An international team has now presented a new and improved W-boson mass measurement by the ATLAS experiment at CERN. Physicists from the University of Bonn were involved in the results: Dr. Philipp König and Dr. Oleh Kivernyk are part of the ATLAS team, which has now presented the results at the Moriond electroweak conference. The two young scientists work in the research groups led by Prof. Dr. Klaus Desch and Priv.-Doz. Philip Bechtle and Prof. Dr. Ian Brock at the Physics Institute.

Blocked cell wall formation stops bacterial cell division

We still do not understand exactly how antibiotics kill bacteria. However, this understanding is necessary if we want to develop new antibiotics. And that is precisely what is urgently needed, because bacteria are currently showing more and more resistance to existing antibiotics. Therefore, researchers from the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) and the University of Bonn used high-performance microscopes to observe the effect of different antibiotics on the cell division of Staphylococcus aureus. They found that the biosynthesis of peptidoglycan, core component of the bacterial cell wall, is the driving force during the entire process of cell division. In addition, they clarified how exactly different antibiotics block cell division within a few minutes. The results have now been published in the journal Science Advances.

Many genes are involved in “resurrection”

Some plants can survive months without water, only to turn green again after a brief downpour. A recent study by the Universities of Bonn and Michigan shows that this is not due to a “miracle gene.” Rather, this ability is a consequence of a whole network of genes, almost all of which are also present in more vulnerable varieties. The results have already appeared online in advance in the journal "The Plant Journal". The print edition will be published soon.

Helium-burning white dwarf discovered

A white dwarf star can explode as a supernova when its mass exceeds the limit of about 1.4 solar masses. A team led by the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE) in Garching and involving the University of Bonn has now found a binary star system in which matter flows onto the white dwarf from its companion. The system was found due to bright, so-called super-soft X-rays, which originate in the nuclear fusion of the overflowed gas near the surface of the white dwarf. The unusual thing about this source is that it is helium and not hydrogen that overflows and burns. The measured luminosity suggests that the mass of the white dwarf is growing more slowly than previously thought possible, which may help to understand the number of supernovae caused by exploding white dwarfs. The results are now published in the journal Nature.

Joseph C. Miller Memorial Lecture by Lara Putnam
Online via Zoom
04:15 - 06:00
This talk seeks to advance critical dialogue about historians’ choices of topic, sources, and methods, asking what kinds of silences become systematic in our ...
Pitfalls to Avoid?! Experienced Reviewers Share Their Secrets
10:00 - 11:30
Pitfalls to Avoid?! Experienced Reviewers Share Their Secrets of Successful Grant Applications What do experts pay particular attention to when reviewing ...
Workshop „Zweifel am Studium - was passt zu mir?" (Teil 2)
Poppelsdorfer Allee 49, ...
12:30 - 04:30
Die meisten Studierenden zweifeln irgendwann im Laufe ihres Studiums daran, ob sie sich für das richtige Fach entschieden haben. Um herauszufinden, was ...
Das Genom L. v. Beethoven - eine Quelle der Erkenntnis?
Uniclub Bonn, ...
Einem internationalen Forschungsteam unter Beteiligung des Universitätsklinikums Bonn (UKB), der Universität Bonn und des Beethoven-Hauses Bonn ist es ...


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