About TRA 5

The TRA “Past Worlds” seeks to foster interdisciplinary cooperation between researchers from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Protestant Theology, the Faculty of Catholic Theology and the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Bonn.

The members follow the shared aim of developing innovative research topics and methods as well as constructing research networks. The TRA “Past Worlds” is funded by the German Excellence Strategy.


The steering committee is responsible for developing the research profile of the TRA and for coordinating its activities with the Rectorate and the faculties involved. It takes all decisions regarding start-up financing for innovative research projects and establishes measures for the advancement of early-career researchers. The TRA is led by two speakers.

The statute of the TRA "Past Worlds"1

Speakers, steering committee and management

Prof. Dr. Karoline Noack2 (Department of Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Becher3 (Department of History, Faculty of Arts)

Members of the steering committee

Supernumerary members of the steering committee

Kim Alings
Prorektorat für Forschung und Innovation
E-Mail: tra5@uni-bonn.de

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