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Do you have a project idea and are now looking for funding opportunities? Are you already planning to submit a proposal for a research project and need assistance? Are you already the head of a project and have questions about financial matters? Are you part of a collaborative project and require a cooperation agreement? We can advise you on choosing a funding source, help you submit your proposal and assist you with project administration.

Your Third-Party Funded Project

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Learn about the services that Research and Innovation Services offers for the various national and international funding sources. We would be happy to assist you with any questions concerning your proposal and project:

University of Bonn Funding

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Learn about the many funding opportunities offered by the University of Bonn. These include, for example, funding for initiating international research cooperations, visiting international academics and the Argelander Grants for Postdocs.

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Gender Equality

Advice on equal opportunity measures for research networks and other third-party funded projects

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Equal Opportunity

Learn more about the University of Bonn’s promotion of equal opportunity in teaching and research

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Learn about the relevance of ethics to national and international research projects

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Dual Use

The Committee for Advising Security-Relevant Research with a Considerable Hazard Potential (RSH) provides advice on matters related to dual use

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Research Data

Professional support all the way from planning and proposal submission for research projects to publication and archiving of research data

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Genetic Resources

Advice on the responsible use of genetic resources in research projects

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Advice on technology transfer in proposals and research projects.

Early-Career Researchers

Funding for early-career researchers under the Argelander Program

Research Contracts

Assistance with legal questions about your research and research contract

Foreign Trade Laws

Advice about legal foreign trade restrictions in the area of science

Public Relations

Support for communicating research information to the public

Research and Innovation Services

We provide support for all matters relating to third-party funded projects.


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