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Our Services for Your DFG Project

We provide support services for projects funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) all the way from proposal submission and project implementation to conclusion of your project.

DFG provides funding under many different funding programs, such as Individual Research Grants (SBH), Walter Benjamin Program (WBP), Research Units (FOR), Priority Programs (SPP), Independent Junior Research Groups (ENP), Heisenberg Program (HEI), Clusters of Excellence (EXC), Collaborative Research Centers (SFB)/ Transregios (TRR) and Research Training Groups (GRK).

Current Tenders

Proposals are predominantly submitted to DFG in bottom-up fashion, i.e. without topic restrictions and application deadlines.

Information on current DFG calls for proposals is available here, e.g. for priority programs on narrowly defined topics and cofunding scemes with international partner organizations.

Let us inspire you!

Information on research networks at the University of Bonn that receive DFG funding.

Project Proposal

Find DFG funding programs and contact us to discuss your proposal. We look forward to assisting you!


Contact us to find the right DFG funding program for you and your planned research project and to receive advice on submitting your proposal.

  • General information on DFG funding
  • Information based on your individual needs
  • Review of proposal eligibility and requirements

The Proposal

It is absolutely necessary to use the program-specific DFG forms and guidelines when submitting your proposal. We would be happy to help you.
Please inform your dean and the DFG liaison officer Prof. Stefan Müller about DFG project proposals.

DFG-Vertrauensdozent Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller
Hausdorff Center for Mathematics 
Endenicher Allee 60, 53115 Bonn, Germany
+49 228 73-62253

Network Projects

Please contact us well in advance of your desired submission date for collaborative projects, as extensive coordination is required.

Collaborative Projects

Proposals for DFG collaborative projects (SFB/TRR, GRK, FOR) are submitted in a two-step process. First, a draft proposal needs to be submitted for review. If successful, DFG will invite you to submit a full proposal.
Proposals for SFB/TRR and GRK funding are submitted by the University, which means the rector has to sign the proposal. Section 7.1 – Research Funding therefore reviews all proposals before they are submitted. We will give you feedback on your proposal and arrange to have it signed. We also help you with the approval of core equipment by the rectorate and preparing for the review session.

Employer’s Statement

You will need an employer’s statement when you submit project proposals including your temporary position under the Individual Research Grant Program and Walter Benjamin Program, and proposals for independent junior research groups under the Emmy Noether Program. We will be happy to issue one for you.
This statement is not yet needed at the time of application within the Heisenberg program. However, it is needed after acceptance into the Heisenberg Program if you choose the Heisenberg position version of the program.

  • Type of proposal (DFG funding program)
  • Project title
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Publication list
  • Employment offer by the management of the host institution


We can provide further assistance if you are invited to an interview for the Emmy Noether or Heisenberg Programs.

Additional Funds for Junior Research Groups

Junior research group leaders who obtain an Emmy Noether Research Group or who move their group to the University of Bonn are supported with up to 100,000 Euros in additional funding for their research as part of our incentive system.

Female researchers receive further 60,000 Euros to advance their research in the best possible and most visible way.

Details about the incentive system, which is not aimed at researchers with W2/W3 professorships or members of the Medical Faculty, can be found on Confluence (internal link) or get in touch.

Your contact in Research Funding (Section 7.1)

Avatar Hahlen

Dr. Katrin Hahlen

Dipl. Biol.

Avatar Büschken

Dr. Dominik Büschken


After Approval

Once your project has been approved, we would be happy to arrange a kick-off meeting to start your project where project-related information can be exchanged and project leadership and project management can get to know each other. We provide support for all aspects of project management so that you can focus on your research.

Our services for third-party funded projects:

  • Contacts for project-executing organizations and project leaders at the University of Bonn 
  • Requests for funds and controlling
  • Assistance with preparing the numerical section of the financial statement

Information on the implementation of DFG projects

You can now find out more about our services in the service portal (uniid required).

Your contacts in Third-Party Funding & Project Management

Avatar Palkó

Silvia Palkó

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about NFDI and DFG projects of the Faculty of Law and Economics.
Avatar Seul

Jan Seul

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about Excellence Cluster (EXC) and DFG projects (55020500 und 7106*).
Avatar Abraham

Petra Abraham

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about DFG projects of the Faculties of Math.-Science and Agriculture.
Avatar Emde

Marina Emde

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about CRC's and RTG's.
Avatar Gries

Anja Gries

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about WGGC, CCU, NGS, DFG projects of the central institutions and Faculties of Theology.
Avatar Nespoulous

Benjamin Nespoulous

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about DFG projects of the Faculties of Arts and Agricult. (7102* till 7105*).
Avatar Vester

Sylvia Vester

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about DFG projects of the Faculty of Math.-Science (51*-54*, 57*).

Your cooperation and forwarding agreements

We strongly recommend that collaborative project coordinators negotiate the cooperation agreement and, if applicable, forwarding agreement with the project partners while the proposal is being reviewed by the DFG.

Your contact in the Research Contracts unit

Avatar Theiner

Mirco Theiner

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about your cooperation agreement.

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