Qualification for Junior Research Group Leaders, Junior and Tenure-Track Professors

Training, coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities for established researchers on their way to a professorship. The Academic Career Development and its cooperation partners (Onboarding, the Bonn Center for University Teaching, the Department of Research and Transfer) offer specific and individual support during this career phase. The goal is an optimal preparation for the requirements of a lifetime professorship in the interdisciplinary area. Attendance is open to all established researchers and is voluntary, but participation is highly recommended.

Kick-off meeting

Onboarding and HR Development will hold a joint kick-off meeting with you to clarify your individual support and qualification needs and advise you on your options.

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In (online) trainings, you will receive support in the individual further development of valuable key competencies in subject areas relevant for appointment to a lifetime professorship.


During your qualification period, you will have 10 coaching sessions at your disposal, which you can use, for example, to accompany your new leadership role or to prepare for the evaluation process.


The Academic Career Development supports you in searching for and finding suitable mentors. These can come from the University of Bonn as well as from other universities. They are independent and not part of the evaluation process.


A social program with welcome and information events as well as networking meetings with invited experts on selected topics will help you to network with colleagues and your scientific community.

The modules

In order to provide you with the best possible support on your way to a lifetime professorship, various modules for personal interdisciplinary qualification and further development are available to you, which are based on the evaluation requirements of the tenure track regulations of the University of Bonn. From these, you can select the offers depending on your individual needs, your previous knowledge or your subject-specific requirements.

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Positioning & Profile Building

The "Positioning & Profile Building" module focuses on early and individual planning of the respective career phase. Onboarding and Academic Career Development are available for a joint initial meeting for advice and an analysis of your needs.

Career Strategy & Appointability

The module "Career Strategy & Appointability" focuses on coaching and training on (employment) legal basics and obligations, individual research strategy, academic self-administration, and the design of teaching.

Leadership & Management

The module "Leadership & Management" focuses on coaching and training on the selection and management of personnel, leadership, team building and collaboration, the supervision of doctoral students, or communication & negotiation processes.

Network & Scientific Community

The module "Network & Scientific Community" focuses on interdisciplinary exchange and networking among established researchers. This is achieved through networking events or the offer of collegial counseling in the group.

Tenure-Track at the University of Bonn

Tenure track professorship as a career path has been established at the University of Bonn since 2009. When a professorship is advertised, tenure track means the promise of a lifetime professorship after a limited probationary period and successful evaluation.

The aim of tenure track procedures is to provide young researchers with an alternative career path to a professorship. The University of Bonn intends to attract and retain excellent young researchers from Germany and abroad at an early stage of their career. After a successful final evaluation, the tenure track professorship transitions into a permanent professorship and thus offers an attractive career path with prospects.

The "Bund-Länder Programm zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses" (WISNA) currently funds 28 tenure track professorships (W1) at the University of Bonn.


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