the university of bonn is "family-friendly university"
The Office of Family Services offers advice on how to balance science/career/studies and family
family-friendly studies
Vacation childcare at Bonn university
caring for family members
the university of bonn is "family-friendly university"
family-friendly studies
Vacation childcare at Bonn university
caring for family members

Family-Friendly University

The University of Bonn has been certified under the Family-Friendly University Audit since December 2011 and is entitled to use this title permanently since September 2021.
The point of contact for staff and students with family responsibilities is the Office of Family Services.

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The University of Bonn defines "family" as a community with a close personal connection,
in which people take responsibility for each other.

Office of Family Services 

The Office of Family Services contributes to a better compatibility of science/career/studies and family. We provide advice to employees and students of the University of Bonn around the topics of childcare, maternity protection, parental leave, care of relatives and more.

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Working and researching with childcare responsibilities

Researchers and administrative staff can find all information they need about childcare, maternity leave, parental leave, flexible childcare options and many other topics here.

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Students with family responsibilities

Students with children are facing some special challenges. We are happy to support you and provide information on maternity protection, childcare and financing options, among other things.

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Caring for family members

A significant number of University staff and students are responsible for the care of relatives. We provide advice and support to help you meet the various mental and practical challenges involved with this responsibility.

Latest news

Babysitters wanted

We are constantly looking for experienced and flexible students who would like to babysit the children of our employees.

If you are interested, please contact the office ( | Tel. 0228 / 73 7273).

Financial support for single-parent students

The University of Bonn can provide financial support to single-parent students who find themselves in a financial emergency. A single payment of up to 500€ is possible.

This measure is sponsored by the University of Bonn‘s Foundation („Bonner Universitätsstiftung“).

Short-term support for parents in the finishing or qualification phases of their (doctoral) degree program

We are happy to announce that the short-term support for parents in the final stages of their studies will be continued in 2023.

Applications can be submitted until May 31, 2023. 

Travel allowances for Accompanying persons

The University of Bonn, as a family-friendly university, makes it possible to apply for travel allowances for taking children and accompanying persons on official and research trips at home and abroad. The subsidy is aimed at all employees in science, teaching and administration.

The aim is to improve staff mobility for employees with families and to increase professional development and networking for all employees. 

For more information, please visit Confluence.

Useful information


The KITA-NET is a parent portal of the city of Bonn. If you would like to register your child in a childcare facility of the university, a registration at the Office of Family Services and a registration via KITA-NET until the end of the deadlines is mandatory. If you have any questions regarding KITA-NET, please contact the Office of Family Servies of the City of Bonn.

How to find a midwife

When you are looking for a qualified midwife, the following places will be helpful to you:

Caregiver support group

The contact point for caregivers informs caregiving relatives about support and discussion groups. It also hosts meetings and organizes interesting events in Bonn. 

Diversity and Family

The Office of Family Services is continuously committed to the acceptance and promotion of diverse family forms. Further information in German language) can be found here.



Franziskanerstr. 2-4
53113 Bonn
Entrance information point

Postal address
Regina-Pacis-Weg 3 
53113 Bonn

Opening Hours 

Telephone consultation

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    9.00 am - 12.00 pm
  • Tuesday
    12.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Comprehensive consultation sessions by appointment.

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